Hannah Sullivan 1843

Hannah Sullivan 1843

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Hannah Sullivan born County Kerry 4 Mar 1843. Her parents Daniel Sullivan & Ellen Arthur.

Hannah immigrated to NSW Australia between 1858-1864 and purchased 60 acres of crown land near Kempsey NSW 21 Sep 1865. Hannah married Henry Robert Davis 23 Jan 1866 at Kempsey NSW and they had 16 children.

She died 15 November 1899, in Uralgurra, New South Wales, Australia, when she was 56 years old.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 4th Mar 1843  
Date of Death 15th Nov 1899  
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  • This is my maternal great x3 grandmother!! 

    Lauren Min

    Thursday 15th July 2021, 02:02PM
  • She was also known by Johanna and Honora, with the spelling of her name varying on the birth certificates of her children. I am thrilled to have found this post about her and wonder how her family came about the money she used to purchase land in Australia!

    Lauren Min

    Thursday 15th July 2021, 02:05PM
  • Hi Lauren, Hannah was my x3 grand mother also. My great grandmother was her daughter Catherine Lavinia Davis, b.1875 my grandmother Honora Veronica Davies b.1900.  I don't have any information about the money but Hannah Sullivan & Henry Davis met while both were 'in service' with WILLIAM G. DUCAT family on the Mooneba Station of 16,000 acres.
    Hannah procured 60 acres initially at Mooneba. If you would like to exchange family information let me know and I will give you my email. Kind regards, Helen





    Thursday 15th July 2021, 03:22PM

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