Henry Fry II 1757


Henry Fry Jr. aka Henry Fry of Frybrook the second (1757-1847) was the first-born son of Catherine Mills (1735-1786) of Knockhall – the second wife of Boyle merchant  Henry Fry Esq.  (c.1701-1786).

On 24 September 1784, Henry Fry (1757-1847) of Frybrook married Elizabeth Baker (c.1765-1844) of Lismacue at St Andrew, Dublin. Elizabeth was the daughter of Col. William Baker (1731-1808) of Lismacue House, Co Tipperary and Elizabeth Massy of Doonass, Limerick. This Henry & Elizabeth Fry had 9 sons and 4 daughters.

In 1796, Henry Fry Jr succeed his father's estates and was High Sheriff of County Roscommon in 1797.

In 1822, he was Borough Master of Boyle [RLG 16/11/1822 ] and founding committee member of the anti-Catholic Boyle Brunswick Club in 1828

In the 1829 Freeholder's (Voting) Register Henry Fry Junior of Frybrook made his application based on a £50 freehold for the "townland of Knockarush" (south of Boyle). His brother, Edward H. Fry of Frybrook applied citing a £20 freehold for the "townland of Feeroughgravough, Bar. Boyle". His first cousin, Henry Fry of Fairyhill registered a £20 freehold for "34 acres in the townland of Knockashee, Bar. Boyle for the life of Henry Fry." [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 09 May 1829].

In 1832, among the Conservative Protestant Society rent contributors were:

Collected by Edward Fry, Esq, Frybrook, Boyle viz: Morgan Crofton, Esq. Abbeyview, 1/ Is; Henry Fry, Esq, Frybrook; Mrs Fry, Frybrook; Miss Fry, Frybrook 6d ; Miss M Fry, Frybrook ; Henry Fry. jun 10s; Seven Children 7s; Mrs Henry Fry 3s; Miss Flinter 5s; Mr Edward Fry 3s; Mr Robert B Fry 2s 6d, [Dublin Weekly Mail -  27 October 1832 ].

In 1835, he was Grand Master of the Orange Lodge of Co. Roscommon, with his brother Edward H. Fry of Frybrook as deputy. He was the Henry Fry Esq. recorded as a subscriber to Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (pub 1837). In the 1830s both he and his son (Henry Fry Esqrs) were magistrates at Boyle Petty Sessions. 

In 1840, in a Chancery court case brought against him, he is recorded as "Henry Fry the elder" along with his son "Henry Fry the younger" who was then either occupying or sub-letting Frybrook (Henry Fry II residing at Rathmines):


CHANCERY. The Rev. George Vesey and another a. Henry Fry, the younger and Henry Fry, the elder, Esqrs. 

TO BE LET for 7 years pending this case pursuant the order bearing the date the 23rd June 1840, All that and Those, the House and Demesne Lands of FRYBROOK containing 3 Acres, Irish Plantation Measure, or thereabouts, with the Lodge or Gate-house thereto lately occupied by Darby Rock (aka Jeremiah Rock). Part of the Lands of the WARREN, containing 11 Acres, thereabouts like measure. Part of the GREAT MEADOW containing 14 Acres, or thereabouts, like measure. Part of the Lands of MOCKMOINE (Mocmoyne), containing 13 Acres of like measure, or thereabouts, all lately in the possession of the Defendant, Henry Fry, the younger, or his undertenants; situate near the town of BOYLE, in the County of Roscnmmon. Also, the HOUSE and PREMISES lately held John Doyle, situate in Fry Place, the town of ATHLONE , adjoining the Premises of John Holton, Esq. These Premises are particularly suited for carrying on an extensive trade and are situate the best part of Athlone. The HOUSE and PLOT on the Bastion, in the town of Athlone lately held by Joan Doyle and John Blanchfield. The HOUSE and PREMISES in the town of Athlone, lately held by Thomas Coffey, sen. Dated this 19th day of August 1840. For further particulars apply to John Law Hackett, Esq. the Receiver, Boyle, who will receive Proposals, or Messrs. Symes and Keller, Solicitors, 5, Leinster Street, Dublin. [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 29 August 1840]

By 1843, as the case continued, Edward H. Fry was "late in the occupation of 11 acres at  Lugnamudda, Boyle". 



MARRIED on the 19th inst., at St. George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Henry Fry, Esq., A B. Curate of Nenagh, Diocese, the Rev. Henry Fry, A.B., Curate of Carberry, Diocese of Kildare, eldest son Henry Fry, Esq., Frybrook, of this town, to Jane Thomasinasecond daughter Thomas Fenton, 19 Temple-street, and Castletown, County Sligo, Esq. Chief Examiner Court Chancery [Boyle Gazette June 1845]. 

Jane Thomasina Fry nee Fenton (1824-1910) died at Knocknashee Boyle, age 86.




Henry Fry II's wife, Elizabeth Baker Fry, died 2 May 1844.


In 1847,  during the height of the Great Irish Famine, Henry Fry II died age 90. His obituary mentions his brother Col Oliver Fry (1773-1868) who was stationed at Limerick Barracks at that time. 


IN CHANCERY, Catherine Mills Fry, Plaintiff; Henry Fry and others, Defendants. 

Pursuant to the Decree in this cause, bearing the date the 18th day of July, 1848, I require all persons having charges and encumbrances affecting the Lands of Knockrush, and part of Gralaigh, three Plots of Ground, with Houses and Edifices erected thereon, in the Town of Boyle, known be the names of the Waste Plot, the Market-house Plot, and the Plot in the New Street, near the River, near the Old Tuck-mill, and the Deerpark of Boyle, situate in the County of Roscommon ; the Lands of Annaghmskinoragh, situate in the County of Sligo; the Lands of Titania, Ardgower, Carrigroore, the three Parks known by the names of Pismire Park, the Doctor's Park, and the Friar's Park, situate near the Town of Boyle, in said County of Roscommon; the Lands of Ardmore, Renametagh, and Rinnybehymore, and the several Bogs and Wastes thereto belonging, situate in said County of Roscommon; the Lands of Garrow, situate in the County of Westmeath; the large Dwelling-houses and Malthouse, Coach-house, Brewhouse, and other Out-houses, and the appendsnees and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the Town of Athlone, and said County of Roscommon; the Lands of Loughandonic and Wellpark, with the Bogs adjoining, situate in the County of Westmeath ; the Plot of Ground near the Fortifications and pert of Callow, situate in the said County of Roscommon ; the Lands of Coolcoaamoo, situate in the County of Meath, the Estates of Henry Fry, Junior, late of Frybrook, in the County of Roscommon, deceased, in the Pleadings mentinned, to come in before me, at my Chambers, on the lnns-quay, in the City of Dublin, on or before the Ist day of Jnnuary next, and to prove same, otherwise they will be precluded from the benefit of said Decree. Dated this 25th day of October 1848. [Dublin Weekly Mail].


Henry II was succeeded by his eldest son, Henry Fry III (who also married an Elizabeth). 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 15th Apr 1757  
Date of Death 27th Jan 1847  
Associated Building (s) Frybrook House BOYLE  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Catherine Mills (1735-1786) of Knockhall Co Roscommon  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Henry Fry Esq. (c.1701-1786) of Edenderry and Frybrook Boyle VIEW SOURCE
Townland born (Frybrook House) Mocmoyne, Boyle, Co Roscommon VIEW SOURCE
Names of Siblings HALF-SIBLINGS John Fry of Fairy-Hill, Boyle | Anne Fry | Mary Fry d.1808 | Sarah Fry  
Names of Siblings FULL-SIBLINGS: Edward Harrington Fry of Frybrook | Catherine Fry d. 1840 | Jane Fry | Major Oliver Fry (1773-1868) of Sligo and Pembrook House Blackrock.  
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