Henry Maguire 1800

Henry Maguire 1800

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Henry Maguire (???? - 29 May 1857)

It is unknown when or where Henry Maguire was born but family lore has it that he may have been an only child and from County Fermanagh. At this point in time we know nothing of his parentage.

Henry Maguire, who established his pawnbroking business in Chapel Lane in February 1833, was a prominent Roman Catholic in 1830s/40s/50s Belfast. He was secretary of the Catholic Committee in the town, and was a leading figure in the Repeal organisation, which agitated for the abolition of the 1800 Act of Union and the re-establishment of an Irish Parliament in Dublin. He was heavily involved in the organisation of the visit of “The Liberator” Daniel O’Connell to Belfast in January 1841.         (Compliments of a highly respected cousin.)

Henry and Sarah Moonan were married on Sunday 2 July 1837 at St Patrick’s Church, Belfast. 

Their first child Mary Ann (later known as Marianne) was born 25 July 1838 and was followed by the following siblings over the next fifteen years. 

John - Baptised 25 November 1839

Margaret - Born February 1841 - January 1842

Catherine - Baptised 9 August 1844

Henry Joseph - Baptised 31 March 1846 (Father to Henrietta Maguire McConnell, my Great Grandmother)

Patrick Augustine - Born 20 December, 1847

Isabella - Baptised 21 August 1849

Sarah - Born 12 February 1852

Mary Teresa - Baptised 15 October 1853

The Maguire Family were staunch Catholics and would have been considered wealthy by the standards of the era.

Henry died at their home - 59 Castle Street, Belfast on 29 May 1857 of unknown causes but Typhus was rampant in Belfast at that time so perhaps it have been this disease that bought about his untimely death. He is buried in Friar’s Bush Cemetery. Today their home in Castle Street is known as The Hercules Bar and Restaurant.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1800 (circa)  
Date of Death 29th May 1857  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Sarah Moonan  
Place & Date of Marriage on Sunday 2 July 1837 at St Patrick’s Church, Belfast  
First Child Mary Ann  
Names of Children John, Margaret, Catherine, Henry Joseph, Patrick Augustine, Isabella, Sarah, Mary Teresa  
Place of Death home - 59 Castle Street, Belfast  
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