Honoriah Ann Finn/Fynn/Flynn 1833

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Honoriah was baptised on the 9th December, 1833 at St Nicholas S&E Combined. Her parents were Michael Finn & Bridget Keville, witness Myles Burke.

Honoriah Ann Finn married Patrick Burke [Royal Artillery] in 1858 at St Nicholas S&E Combined. They baptised their daughter Annie there in 1859 before their long journey to India.

They had another daughter, Mary, in 1864 at Agra, India, & not long after Patrick Burke died. Honoriah now a widow, remarried Captain Thomas Ratcliffe from the 19th Brigade, at Agra in 1866.

On the marriage record Honoriah's father was noted as Michael Flynn. 

Honoriah's family continued to grow with her new husband.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1833  
Date of Death 1898  

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