Hugh Byrne born abt. 1818 in Baslick, Roscommon, Ireland died 5 Dec 1873 aged 55 years in Jackson County, Iowa, USA. He married Ellen McGuire born abt 1818 in Baslick, Roscommon, Ireland and died 29 Aug 1864 in Jackson County, Iowa, USA. They married in Ireland before coming to the United States. He remarries after her death and has more children.

Children of Hugh Byrne and Ellen McGuire:

Maria (born New Jersey)

Catherine (born Iowa)

John Joseph (born Iowa)

Margaret (born Iowa)

Ellen (born Iowa)

Eugene (born Iowa) - Ellen McGuire dies just weeks after his birth

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1818 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 5th Dec 1873 VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Parish of Baslick, Co Roscommon, Ireland VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Ellen McGuire VIEW SOURCE


Buried in Jackson Co, Iowa, USA USA VIEW SOURCE



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    BYRNE aka BEIRNE aka BERNE aka BIRN (+/- O')

    Any "Byrne" from North Co. Roscommon (or Connaught for that matter) should be considered to be a corruption of O'Beirne (Ó Birn of siol-muireadhaig) until proven otherwise. "Beirn" was numerouos in north Roscommon (mapped here) due to it being an ancient territory.  (Byrne, has a totally different origin, i.e. Ó Broin, of Leinster).

    In the 1749 Census, "Beirn" was the only name variation recorded in Baslick (with only 4 Beirn households in this district at that time).   By 1857 Beirne was the most common surname in Baslick (particularly at Lisheen, Castleplunkett and further north at Ballyglass, Belanagare). 

    FYI your ancestor Hugh Byrne would have been christened Aodh Ó Beirn and your search for records should include the spelling variations listed here. More resources and links for Beirne here



    Church Records: In RC records, Baslick (aka Kilmurry, in combination with Ogulla) fall under the RC Parish of Tulsk mapped here (in yellow). Unfortunately, RC baptism records for Tulsk (Ogulla and Baslick) online are limited to 1865-1900.  Civil Registration: From 1865, Castlerea and Frenchpark appear as Registration District for Baslick. 




    The civil parish of Baslick is a large area encompassing 42 townlands and the village of Castleplunkett. The nearest market town to the east was Castlerea and to the west was Tulsk. In the early 19th century Baslick was in the Barony of Ballintubber (now transferred to Castlereagh). 


    Castleplunkett in an of itself was a population centre, and this, Castlerea, Tulsk or Bellanagare may have been given as an "address" on emigration records (hinting to the nearest market town for your family).  The Workhouse for the poor of Baslick was at Castlerea


    Your Centre of Origin

    Look north of the village of Castleplunkett, pinpoint the townland of Gortnasillagh as your centre, and draw a circle around it to encompass (to the north) the townland of BALLYGLASS and southwards as far as Castleplunkett; highlighting the cluster of townlands Lisheen (Lissenivacane) Tonereagh, Carrowkeel & Mullygownan.


    Elphin Census

    Perhaps your best (and only) ancestral lead is the record of cottiers Hugh & Catherine Beirn who were residing in the townland of Gortnasillagh, Baslick in 1749. As this was the only Hugh Beirn recorded in this civil parish, and Hugh being significant enough, he is likely to be the grandparent for whom your ancestor was named. As they were cottiers, their tenure was short-lived and they would have migrated around the townlands in this district. At that time, Hugh & Catherine Beirn were a relatively young couple with 2 children under the age of 14. 

    There only other Beirn households recorded in Baslick at that time: were at in "Lissinivicane" aka Lisheen (a) cottier  Widow Brigid Beirn & her 4 children (2 teenagers); (b) cottier  John & Catherine Beirn & their 5 children (1 teenager); and at Castleplunkett (c) labourer Pat & Rose Beirn (no children).

    Cross-referencing that, the only McGuires recorded in Baslick in 1749 were cottier Hugh Maguire of Toberelva (again just north of Castleplunkett adj. to Lisheen) and Edmund & Anne Maguire of Ballaghabawbeg (just west of Castleplunkett). By 1857, only 3 McGuire households appear in this parish, 2 of which are curiously in the same townlands as Beirn (north of Castleplunket). With both of your ancestors originating from the same parish, odds are, they were neighbours. 

    All this would storngly suggest Castleplunkett as your starting point. 

    John Byrne (sic), parish of Baslick, was the sole flax-grower in this parish in 1796. This could be John Beirn of Lisheen (fl. 1749). 


    Land Records

    Unfortunately, pre-famine Tithe Applotment Records for Baslick are not available online.

    Post-famine Griffith's Valuation Records, show the following Beirne clusters in Baslick:

    McGuires only appear in CARROWKEEL (match ... they were next-door neighbours); MULLYGOLLAN (match ... Beirne had land next-door but not resident); and at CARNAKIT (adj. to Gortnasillagh).


    This would also strongly support Castleplunkett as your starting point for both Maguire and Byrne and very possibly the family of  BYRNE (Lisheen Castleplunkett, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon ) today. 


    To get a sense of what was happening here during your ancestor's time, check out the Dúchas Collection for Castleplunkett

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