Hugh Darcy 1835

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Hugh Darcy was from Gowly Townland, Parish of Kiltubrid, County Leitrim, Ireland.

He emigrated to Minnesota, USA about 1850. His siblings John Darcy and Sarah Jane Darcy also emigrated to Minnesota about that time, but they apparently did not immigrate as a family group, and brother Edward Darcy emigrated to New York and then to San Francisco about 1847.

Their parents apparently did not emigrate and possibly died during the famine in Ireland. The death record of Sarah Jane Darcy (died 21 April 1891 in Minnesota), wife of Charles Early  (also from Kiltubrid parish) gives her parents' names as Hugh Darcy and Sarah. The Tithe books of 1833 show a Hugh Darcey living in Gowly Townland  and he may have been the father of the four Darcy siblings.

Sarah Jane Darcy and Charles Early were married 7 January 1855 in New York. 

Hugh Darcy and John Darcy were both married in Minnesota and Edward Darcy was married in San Francisco.

There might be Darcy families still living in Kiltubrid who could know something of the history of the Darcy family. 


Additional Information
Date of Birth 2nd Feb 1835  
Date of Death 25th Oct 1896  

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