Place of migration:
Migrated to /Born in Canada
Additional Information
Date of Birth 1831 (circa)  
Date of Death 4th Feb 1916  
Names of Siblings Bridget, sister  
Place & Date of Marriage 1853, Ireland  
Number of Children 9 children with Jane Stuart John bn 1854, Ireland Elizabeth "Lizzie" b 1856, Ireland Ellen b 1857, Ireland Mary-Jane b 1859, Ireland Alexander "Alec" b 1862, Ireland RoseAnn b 1865, Bromptonville, QC, Canada George, 1867 Lena 1868 Sarah 1870  
Occupation Teacher in Ireland Farmer, Council member, and Mayor in Bromptonville, QC, Canada.  
Place of Death Bromptonville, Quebec, Canada  
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  • I have several questions that I hope someone can guide me in.

    It is believed that Hugh Mullen and Jane Stuart, my 2nd ggparents, came from Belfast. They left for Canada between 1862 and 1865.

    They apparently married in or around 1853 in Ireland. I'm not sure that it was an RC wedding.  If I was able to get a marriage certificate, what information would it give me? Would it have parents names?

    I found a Griffiths Valuation entry that has Hugh Mullen leasing from John Stewart in Parish of Dunaghy, Glenleslie.  How can I go further with that possibility (and how much should I rely on it)?

    It would be great to have any ideas on how I can proceed.  For instance, I was told that Stuart is a Protestant name, and found a baptism record for a 28-year-old Jane Stuart in a Belfast church. The age is a few years off so I'm not sure if that's my Jane. It was also 1865, I believe, which means she would have made an ocean trip while pregnant.

    How common is it for Stuart and Stewart to be interchanged? How common are their names? 

    Thank you so much!


    Diane MHA

    Friday 28th August 2020, 09:55PM

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