Hugh Roden 1808

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Looking for information on Hugh Rod(d)en and Mary Kelagher(Kelleher) abt 1810.  Children were born in St Brigid's church in Innismagrath parish.  Hugh Roden and Mary are buried in St Brigid's parish.  Took a fantastic trip from New Jersey to Ireland however was only able to spend a few hours in Leitrim.  Did look in the cemetery for my ancestors however later found out that there was an older cemetery probably where they are buried. 

If you live in Drumkeeran, Leitrim,  I would love to have a picture of the headstones if they have any particularly with information on their deaths.  Also, looking for information on Michael McNiff and Mary Beirne.  Their children, John Roden and Bridget McNiff married probably in Ireland however then immigrated thru Boston and then to Brooklyn, NY where John was a merchant marine.  They both died very young and story was that both children were raised in an orphanage in Brooklyn however not sure of the validity of this information.  Seems that wife Bridget died much later and maybe was unable to care for the children.  Love to connect with anyone connected with any of these surnames and living in the Drumkeeran area. 

If you are researching your family please feel free to connect with me. 

Hope everyone is safe and please stay healthy. 


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Date of Birth 1808  
Date of Death 1878  


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