Isaac Baker Hartt Sr. 1826

Isaac Baker Hartt Sr. 1826

Place of migration:
Migrated to /Born in Canada

Isaac Baker Hartt Sr. (1826 to 1903) was my great great grandfather. He was born in Riverstown, County Sligo and lived in Cuiltylough, Riverstown, Drumcolumb parish (from Griffiths Valuation of Ireland). He married Alicia Jane Irwin (1834-1873) in Helper, Sligo in 1856, and had three children, the eldest of whom was my great grandmother, Ellen Hartt (1863 to 1934). The others were Alecia Jane Hartt (1864 to 1891), and James Irwin Hartt (1865 to 1935). Alice died young, about 39 years old. In 1875 the children of this union emigrated to Canada. It isn't clear from available records who accompanied them as they were still quite young. They settled in Murray Township, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.

Isaac married for a second time in 1866, in Kilmaceallane, Sligo, Ireland. Her name was Frances Lawson (1834 to 1932). There were three additional children from that union: Thomas Hartt (1870- death unknown), Nicholas Richard Hartt (1874 to 1947), and Isaac Baker Hartt Junior (1877 to 1928). This family emigrated to Canada in 1890. They also settled in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. 

In time, there were Hartts in Orillia, Simcoe County, Ontario; Hastings County Ontario; Trenton Ontario.

Isaac Baker Hartt Sr.'s son James Irwin Hartt (1865 to 1935) became a prominent figure in Ontario. He was a lumberman, a politician (elected to the Ontario legislature for two terms representing Simcoe County) and a soldier serving Canada in World War I, attaining the ranks of Captain and Major with Canadian Forestry Corps of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1826 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 9th Dec 1903 VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Riverstown, County Sligo  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Alicia Jane Irwin, Frances Lawson  
Number of Children 5  
Names of Children Ellen Hartt, Alecia Jane Hartt, and James Irwin Hartt, Thomas Hartt, Nicholas Richard Hartt, and Isaac Baker Hartt Junior  
Place & Date of Marriage Helper, Sligo in 1856, Kilmaceallane, Sligo, Ireland  
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