Uncle JIm was born in the old RIC barracks in Tierneevin - At 18 he applied to follow his Brother's and father's footsteps and join the RIC. Unfortunately his chest expansion was large enough.

13 Aug 1890 Aged 20 he left Ireland and travel to New York.

Married his wife Lillian E Stainkamp in NYC

Retiring in 9 Aug 1929 as the rank of Captain.

My great Grandfather Bernard Brady visited him in NYC in winter of 1948 and he died in Nov 1949 after being hit in by a car.

He was known to be the very protective  of the Whole family in NYC (including two sisters and numerous nieces and nephews). Family stories tell of food being left on the doorstep of new arrivals to America. No One ever found out for sure but everyone knew it was from uncle Jim.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 23rd Aug 1868 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 3rd Nov 1949 VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Johanna Mary Fitzgerald