James B. Cannon 1855

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James B. Cannon, born 9 Jul 1855 in town of Kille, Kilcar, Donegal.

James Married Susan Kennedy 27 Jan 1877.

James moved to Greeley, Nebraska with his wife and daughter, Ellen Susan Cannon, born 4 Dec 1886 in Killybegs.

His wife, Susan Kennedy, died shortly after they moved to the United States and is buried in Greeley, Nebraska. James died 27 Jun 1935 and died in Greeley, Nebraska.

James parents were Thomas Cannon and Sarah Cunningham, both probably born in Donegal.

James siblings were John D., Thomas, Dennis, and Mary all who moved to the United States.

The Cannon farm was in the town of Kille, Donegal,  between Killebegs & Kilcar on the southern coast near the farms of Cunninghams, Campbells, & Byrnes (Burns), all of whom are related to Cannons.

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Date of Birth 9th Jul 1855 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 27th Jun 1935 VIEW SOURCE

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