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    I did not enter this name-James Bagley but I am excited to see it .  I need to  know more about him from the person who did enter his name. How do we do t hat? Might our James Baagley  ancestors be related or even one in the same?  I have just begun research in to his life.   My James J .Bagley was listed as having been born in October 1861.(the difference of one year may be a  glitch in the records or may prove them to be different individuals. Inquiring minds want to kknow.  The parents of my James Bagley were Thomas and Ellen Bagley.  (Her maiden name was not listed.}                                  

    My grandmother's oldest sister Mary Walsh  b:Oct 1861 in  Ballyduff, Co Waterford (Lismore Mocollup parish) who migrated  to the United States ca 1880-1882, worked as a domestic in Boston, MA where she met James Bagley  who had immigrated.in 1880. They married there on  8 June 1884.and continued to reside in Boston MA  for the remainder of her life. The 1900 US Federal Census records that they had  given birth to 10 children, onnly 4 of whom were still living. The living children were Mary E. Bagley( b September 1888,), Thomas Bagley (b-June 1890), James  E. Bagley (b-October 1893)  Allice Bagley (b-July 1898),  all born in Boston, Massachusetts.  Living with them was a Florence O'Brien  ( b- November  1860)  described as being employed as a "cracker sales" person. Hre relationship was described as "boarder"  so at this time there is no evidence of a family connection but who knows.  Also living with them at  the time was my grandmother, Mary's youngest sister, Katherine F. Walsh b June 1877 in Ballyduff, Co Wterford, who was at that time still single and working as a Bookbinder.   Their home address was listed as 625 East 2nd Street, Boston.                                                                                          

    My initial research shows James Bagley senior continuing to maintain the home for his 4 children  in Boston after his wife Mary Walsh's  untimely death in November 1900 just a few months after the census data was collected,  She was only 38.  She was interred at Mt Benedict cemetery in Boston. after succumbing to " Pthsis (old name for TB ) and  exhaustion". 

    In Boston on 8 Feb 1909 19 year old Thomas Bagley, their son,  married Elizabeth  Kilpatrick also age 19, daughter of Philip Kilpatrick and Mary Rocks. Elizabeth was born in Scotland..

    In Boston on 12 June 1910 Mary E. Bagley, their 22 yr old daughter, married 22 yr old John J. Okeefe born inBoston in 1888, son of Garrett OKeefe and Mary Dalton,

    Jody seeking

    Friday 18th May 2018, 08:52PM
  • Hi, I posted James Bagley, who was born in Ireland on 1862.  He is my great grandfather.  I don’t think our James Bagley’s are the same person.  My James Bagley emigrated to Connecticut in 1879, and married Margaret “Maggie” Lynch in 1883.  They lived in Waterbury and New Haven, where six of their eight children were born, before moving to Boston around 1900.  My great grandfather James Bagley died in Miami on June 7, 1918 at age 56.

    Mark Bacon

    Friday 18th May 2018, 11:36PM
  •  Thank you very much for responding, Mark. Now I am wondering if they were cousins of some  sort.  I am sorry we aren't related but we may find connections later.                                                          

    I am proud of my   Irish heritage but I do want to scream sometimes at our fettish for  naming everyone with the same honors to the same granfathers.  eg:  I have  6 Josephs in my immediate family, 5 named for the first one all with the same surname.  As I was the first grandchild I am also named for him  tho I had a femeine version with the sme surname, so I should say there are 7 of us I guess.  Again thanks for the kindness of a speedy repy.   Now back to the research drawing  boards.                               

    Jody seeking

    Saturday 19th May 2018, 03:55PM

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