James Banko 1648

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I decend from James Banko / Banco who I believe was buried in the Churchyard at Eyre Court on 8 March 1722 aged 74 years. 

I have been provided with information that the Banko family were French Huguenots, Protestants, who were driven out of France for religious reasons and ended up in England.  Whilst in England they were supported by John Eyre, the same John Eyre who founded the Village of Eyre Court in East Galway.  John Eyre was an Cromwellian soldier who was granted a large tract of land in East Galway for his service to Cromwell.  He built a castle there on the site of a former O'Madden Castle. James Banko went to Ireland with John Eyre when he was a Cromwellian soldier.

James Banko was born about 1648 and died at the age of 74 years in 1722.  James was an artisan and it is thought to be one of the workers who decorated the first Manor House, Eyre Court owned by John Eyre.  James was known to have made silverware, artifacts and furnishings for this house and is thought to have lived on the grounds of Eyre Court.

Would you be able to confirm any of the above?

I live in Melbourne, Australia.




Additional Information
Date of Birth 1648  
Date of Death 8th Mar 1722  

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