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Stayed in Ireland

James Barrett of Teevnacreeva aka Teevnacreevy shared a small farm with his brother-in-law Peter Mahon (1813-1899) who married Catherine Barrett in 1839. 

In 1855 Michael Peyton & Honor Brennan of Teevnacreeva (near Tibohine) invited James Barrett to godparent.  Neither Peyton, Barrett, nor Dowd were recorded in Teevnacreeva in 1825 Tithe records, however, a number of those named were representing a group of partners.  

On 5 February, 1856, James Barrett (1826–1903) married Anne Dowd (1827–1909) witnessed by Patrick Dowd & Anne Hopkins of Teveenacreeva. By the time Civil Records began in 1864, James & Anne's address is confirmed. 


  • John Barrett b.21-Dec-1856  godparents: Michael Donogher & Brigid Mahon

  • Patrick Barrett b. 1858  godparents: Michael Mahon & Catherine Grady

  • Margaret Barrett b. 04-Feb-1864

  • Thomas Barrett b. 02-Jan-1870 d. 06-Sep-1892 at Teevnacreeva

  • Catherine Barrett b. 08-Nov-1871

In 1857 James Barrett appears on record at #15a Teevnacreeva. Here he held 8 acres in partnership with his brother-in-law Peter Mahon who lived next door at #15b. Their landlord was Arthur O'Connor of Bella, who held the whole of the townland.  

Michael Peyton lived directly across the road at #21a. There he held 19 acres in partnership with Patrick Brennan. 

James Drury was Barrett's next-door neighbour at #10a. There was also a Farrell Drury across the road at #20a. And Michael Drury held the land on the other side at #12.

Also in 1857, Anne Dowd is invited to godparent by Catherine Barrett & Pater Mahon next door. 

In 1872, Nora Barrett aka Honoria Barrett (1786-1872) "landholders widow" died at Teevnacreeva with John Barrett (above) present at death – suggesting James Barret's mother was residing with them all that time and a Barret presence in the townland for the previous generation. 

In 1892 Thomas Barrett (above) "farmer's son" dies at Teevnacreeva with Michael Giblin present at death. 

In the Census of 1901, James & Anne (Dowd) Barrett were recorded at Teevnacreeva, Buckhill, Co. Roscommon. This record reveals that:

  • they were living in a 3rd class thatch cottage with 2 windows to the front.

  • they had no farm out-buildings

  • James' spinster sister, Margaret Barrett (b. 1820) was living with them

  • their granddaughter Margaret Anne Drury, age 9 (b. 1892) was also present on census night

  • none of the adults in the house could read or write.

On May 6, 1903, Jame Barrett, farmer, died suddenly at Teevnacreeva age 74. His son Michael Barrett was present at death. 

On May 6, 1909, Anne (nee Dowd) Barrett, farmer's widow, died at Teevnacreeva age 82. Her daughter Kate Barrett was present at death. 

By the time of the 1911 Census, the Barret name does not appear here except through Mahon descendants.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1826  
Date of Death 1903 VIEW SOURCE
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Honoria (nee ?) Barrett (1786-1872) died at Teevnacreeva on 07-Feb-1872, age 86  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) ? John Barrett Sr.  
Townland born Teevnacreeva, Tibohine  
Names of Siblings Patrick Barrett | Catherine Barrett m. Peter Mahon 1839 Teevnacreeva | Margaret Barrett b.1820  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Anne Dowd (1827–1909) VIEW SOURCE
Names of Children John Barrett b.1856 | Patrick Barrett b. 1858 | Margaret Barrett b. 1864 | Thomas Barrett 1870-1892 | Catherine Barrett b. 1871 m. Drury VIEW SOURCE
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  • Thank you so much! This puts a lot of things in order, but it doesn't quite match up with the 1901 Census I pulled up on

    My grandmother, Margaret Ann Drury, was the daughter of Catherine Barrett and Peter Drury. She was born in February 1892. Her mother died 6 months later from consumption and her father died when she was 7, ca. 1899, in London, as the oral history goes. Or else he worked in London while Margaret lived with her grandparents, James Barrett and Anne Dowd. Anyway, after her grandparents died she had to come to the States ca. 1904 to live with an Aunt Eleanor (married name Loughman) in Chicago. I have always thought Eleanor was a Barrett, but maybe she was a Drury.

    One story we always heard was that James Barrett had a wooden leg because he had lost a leg working on the railroad in the western U.S. as a young man. I'm thinking this story was partly romanticized or even fabricated. He could have lost his leg in a farming accident, but if he was working in the U.S. on the railroads in, say, the 1850s, he was more than likely working in Pennsylvania in coal country or something like that. Irish workers were really mistreated on the railroads, but in general as well. Who knows, though. I have to try to research this more one day.

    Anyway, the 1901 Census record I found matches up more directly to my grandmother's story and oral history. Here it is:

    Name: James Barret

    Gender: Male

    Marital Status: Married

    Age: 75

    Birth Date: abt 1826

    Birth Place: Co Roscommon

    Residence Date: 31 Mar 1901

    House Number:13

    Residence Place: Teevnacreeva, Buckhill, Roscommon, Ireland

    Relation to Head: Head of Family (Head)

    Occupation: Farmer

    Religion: Roman Catholic

    Language Spoken: Irish and English

    Literacy: Cannot read

    Household Members         Age          Relationship

    James Barret                       75          Head of Family (Head)Anne Barret                         70          WifeMargaret Barret                   80          SisterMargaret Anne Drury             9          Grand Daughter (Granddaughter)



    So this James Barrett was born in 1826 and his wife Anne in 1831.


    What do you think?


    Anxious to hear back!




    Thursday 20th May 2021, 05:53PM
  • Oh, sorry, my spacing corrections didn't take. Hope this makes sense!


    Thursday 20th May 2021, 05:57PM
  • Hi Drury

    You are correct. I have amended their information above to reflect the 1901 census information and was able to track down their death certificates as well since (see links on their names). 

    Hope this helps!


    Tuesday 25th May 2021, 10:55AM
  • Fantstic!

    Thank you, Rua.


    Wednesday 26th May 2021, 12:24AM

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