James Dunlop Williamson1860

James Dunlop Williamson 1860

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My great great-uncle James Dunlop Williamson was born September 14th 1860 at 1 o’clock on Friday morning, at Claggan Cottage on the family farm in Aghadowey. He was the 7th of 8 children of Hugh Williamson and Sarah Jane Caskey, his middle name from his paternal grandmother Jane Dunlop.

According to his obituary in the British medical Journal April 1944, he gained his medical qualifications of MD, MCH, and MAO at the Old Royal University of Ireland, and later took up General Practice in Belfast and later joined the staff of the Ulster Hospital for Children and Women, where he remained the consulting physician until his death. He was elected a Councillor to the City of Belfast in 1900, later becoming High Sheriff and in 1941 Deputy Lord Mayor. For many years he served on committees for Public Health, tuberculosis, and Maternity and Child Welfare and his interest in public health lead to papers on sanitation and sewage purification. For his services to Belfast he was made a Freeman of the City a short time before his death, he had been a member of the British Medical Association for 56 years.

James married Gabriela Bulloch in 1894, and their son James Dunlop Bernard Williamson was born the next year, but only lived for five months, then his daughter Dorothy Sarah was born in Dec 1897 and remained their only surviving child, she didn't marry. His married sister Jane Dunlop Lytle also lived in Belfast at this time, they were the only ones in the family who didn't emigrate, she and her husband also lost three babies and raised one daughter Elizabeth King Caskey Lytle, who also didn't marry.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Sep 1860
Date of Death 2nd Feb 1944
Associated Building (s) Claggan Cottage  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Hugh Williamson
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Sarah Jane Caskey
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Gabriela Mary Isabel Bulloch, called Ellie on census returns and also her headstone
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    I have just discovered your entry - my interest is in the Bulloch family.  I am wondering if we can exchange any information?




    Friday 2nd August 2019 04:41PM
  • Hi Clare, 
    I have a little info on the family, but just what I have gleaned from records on Ancestry. If you are a member of Ancestry you can probably find it on the Bridge/Rhodes tree, or we could email if you would like - I have another family photo including Gabriela. What do you have so far? I'm happy to share what I know






    Monday 5th August 2019 07:44AM
  • Julia,

    Thank you for your response.

    I have, for now, signed out of Ancestry largely because genealogy for me is a winter past time!  I did however see some of your postings there but currently am unable to access them!

    Gabriella's father and mother were Gabriel and Isabella (I believe).  He died quite young and  she, I think married again (regaining her maiden name).  I am currently unclear if Adam Magill Lytle (who I believe was her 2nd husband) was related to her father's side of the family - the spelling of Lytle is interesting.  My grandmother Mary Elizabeth Cooke Bulloch was the daughter of Gabriel's brother, Alexander through the 2nd marriage there, Alexander's first wife being Mary Moore Lytle.

    My understanding is that Gabriel was in the linen business possibly with his brother before his untimely death.  I wonder if you know anything more.  I live in Belfast and recently visited the Bulloch graves in Belfast City Cemetery)

    As a medic myself, I am intersted in the life of James Dunlop Williamson.  He lived not that far from wher I live now!  All information gratefully received and in turn, I am happy to share whatever information that may be of relevance to you.  Kind regards, Clare












    Tuesday 6th August 2019 05:04PM

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