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James Dunne was the son Thomas Dunne and Mary Egan, baptized 25 Jan 1818, St. John's Parish, Kilkenny and their address was given as Johnswell. James parents were married on 12 Jan 1817, St. John's Parish and Thomas' address was given as Carigeen. Thomas and Mary had a total of nine children:

James, bap. 25 Jan 1818

Michael John, bap. 19 Nov 1820, St. John's Parish, res. Johnswell

Partrick, bap. 4 May 1823, St. John's Parish, res. Johnswell

Thomas, bap. 20 Aug 1826, St. John's Parish, res. Kilderry

John, bap. 11 Oct 1829, St. John's Parish, res. Kilderry

Catherine, bap. 23 Aug 1835, St. John's Parish, res. Kilderry

Mary, b. 14 Aug1837, bap, 13 Oct 1837, St. John's Parish, res. Kilderry

Richard, bap. 2 Sep 1838, St. John's Parish, res. Johnswell

Laurence, bap. 20 Dec 1840, St. John's Parish, res. Johnswell

James married Ellen Angela Croak, 2 Nov 1846, St. John's Parish, and address for both was given as Ballasalla (Ballasallagh). Ellen was the daughter of John Croak and Bridget Coogan who were married 18 Feb 1822, St John's Parish, and residence for both was given as Ballysalla (Ballasallagh). Ellen was baptized 28 Oct 1828, St. John's Parish, address given B. S. probably Ballasallagh. James left his pregnant wife in Kilkenny and emigrated to the America leaving Liverpool on the packet ship Ashburton arriving in New York on 18 Oct 1848. James settled in Newport, Vermont. One year later Ellen followed with her new born baby Mary and her brother-in-law, James' brother Thomas, leaving Liverpool on the packet ship Ivanhoe and arriving in New York on 19 Oct 1849. Mary Ann Dunne was born 5 Apr 1849 baptized 8 Apr 1849, St John's Parish and address was given as Ballasalla. James and Ellen bought and farmed land in District 13, Newport, VT. with James' brother Thomas farming land across the road in what became known as Dunn Hill Road. James and Ellen were to have 13 children with all but Mary being born in Vermont and baptized at Sacre Coeur de Jesus Church in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada, as this was the only catholic church in the area.

James' and Ellen's children were:

Mary Ann

Thomas H, 22 Nov 1850, Irasburg, Vermont - 22 Jun 1929, Newport, Vermont

John Francis, 5 Jun 1852, Newport, Vermont – 2 Feb 1936, Newport Center, Vermont

Lot Joseph, 21 Jul 1854, Newport, Vermont – 1 Nov 1924, Manchester, New Hampshire

Daniel, 31 Jul 1855, Newport, Vermont – 15 Sep 1855, Newport, Vermont

Eva Bridget, 27 Jul 1856 , Newport, Vermont – 22 Jul 1878,Newport, Vermont

Adam Andrew, 2 Aug 1858, Newport, Vermont – 11 Jan 1919, Wenlock, Vermont

Michael James, 13 Aug 1860, Newport, Vermont – 1 Feb 1928, Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Simeon Sylvester, 22 May 1864, Newport, Vermont – 1 Jun 1950, North Haverhill, New Hampshire

Timothy Rue, 21 Dec 1865, Newport, Vermont – 10 Mar 1953, Newport, Vermont

Daniel Matthew, 28 Jan 1869, Newport, Vermont – 4 Jul 1859, Barton, Vermont

Lawrence Edwin, 1 May 1871, Newport, Vermont – 7 Jul 1877, Newport, Vermont

Agnes Ellen, 26 Mar 1874, Newport, Vermont – 19 Jun 1956, St. Albans, Vermont

James petitioned for naturalization on 12 Sep1872 but it is not known if he became a citizen. James died 27 Nov 1873 at home on the family farm, age 55 leaving his wife with a large young family to support. He is buried at the Sacre Coeur Cemetery with his two of his sons in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada. Ellen continued to live on the family farm with her son Daniel Matthew until she died 27 Sep 1912. She is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Newport, Vermont.

Little is known about James' parents, Thomas and Mary. From a family bible that was found and restored we know that Mary arrived in Stanstead, Quebec, with her son Laurence 20 Sep 1850/51.

According to the 1861 Census of Canada Mary was living with her daughter Mary Dunne Maheux in Stanstead and she was listed as a widow. I do not know when Mary died nor where or when Thomas died other then that it had to be before 1861.

Through a DNA match I have discovered Michael Dunne who was married to Mary Cotter 19 Oct 1795, St John's Parish, no address given. I have found two children of Michael and Mary:

Patrick bap. 15 Mar 1799, St. John's Parish, no address

Laurence bap. 9 Aug 1802, St. John's Parish, no address

Laurence married Judith Ryan, 18 Jul 1824, St. John's Parish, address given as B.Salla. They were to have 10 children all baptized in St. John's Parish with an address of Johnswell.

John 1825

Michael 1828

Elizabeth 1830

Bridget 1832

Patrick 1835

Mary 1838

James 1840

Thomas 1841

Anastatia 1844

Mary 1846

I know that these Dunnes are related to James and his family because of the DNA match but have not been able to determine the relationship.

I have accounted for all of James siblings.

Michael John arrived in Quebec, Canada possibly as early as 1842. He married Sarah Gallagher from Donegal, Ireland on 1 Feb 1853 in Stanstead, Quebec. They lfarmed in Barnston, Quebec and he died 29 Nov 1901 in Stanstead, Quebec and Sarah died 1 Feb 1892 in Stanstead Quebec. They had eight children:

Catherine 1853-1863

Mary Jane 1855-1863

Margaret 1856-1863

Nicholas 1859-1860

John Lawrence 1860-1863

Michael M 1865-1892

Sarah Jane 1869-1935 married cousin Timothy Rue Dunn

Mary Ella 1870-1940

Patrick may have emigrated with his brother Michael John. He married Sarah McDonald 7 Apr 1856 in Stanstead, Quebec, They farmed in Compton, Quebec Patrick died 24 Jan 1869, Compton, Quebec and Sarah died 7 Feb 1876, Ste Edwidge de Clifton, Quebec. They had nine children:

Maria Mary 1857-1862

James Henry 1858-

William Thomas 1859-

Charles Albert 1860-1938

Aaron 1862-1891

John Edwin 1864-

Sarah Lena 1865-

Maria Mary 1866-1948

Frederick George 1869-1917


Thomas as mentioned earlier emigrated with his sister-in-law Ellen in 1849 and farmed land on Dunn Hill in Newport, Vermont. He married Esther Jane Shippee 29 Oct 1854 in Stanstead, Quebec.

Thomas died 2 Nov 1918 in Sanbornton, New Hampshire, Esther died 23 Jan 1899 in East Coventry, Vermont.They are both buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Newport, Vermont. Thomas and Esther had 11 children:

Mary Jane Dunn 1855-1941

Patrick Benjamin 1860-1951


Thomas Lewis 1864-1945

Richard 1866-1956

unknown 1868-

Andrew C 1869-1927

Joseph N 1871-

John J 1874-

George Felix 1875-1956

Joseph Nathan 1878-1907

John Dunne, according to his brother James' bible, arrived in New York 10 Jun 1852. John joined his brothers in Newport, Vermont and started acquiring land. It is not known if he married. On 10 Aug 1863 John enlisted in the Third Vermont Regiment, Co. B as a substitute for Edward S Atherton of Essex, Vermont for the sum of $25.00. John was killed in action at the Battle of the Wilderness. 5 May 1864,Rappahanock Station, Virginia. It is believed that he was buried on the battle field. On 21 Aug 1999 a Blessing of the Stone Ceremony was held at St. Mary's Cemetry, Newport, Vermont and a monument was erected on the family site in his honor.


Catherine Dunne was not mentioned in the family bible and was discovered by researchers at Rothe House Trust. I have found Catherine as a sponsor at several family baptism and marriage records in Stanstead, Quebec. Catherine married Samuel Meloche on 27 Nov. 1865 in Montreal, Quebec.

Catherine died on 14 Nov 1911, in Montreal Quebec. Samuel died 10 Oct 1889 in Monteal.

They had four children:

Thomas 1866-1905

Mary 1871-1873

Samuel 1874-

James 1877-1913

Mary Dunne married, 7 Jan 1858, Louis Maheux in Stanstead, Quebec. According to the 1901 Cencus of Canada Mary emigrated in 1852. It is known that her mother Mary Egan Dunne was living with her in Stanstead according to the 1861 Census of Canada. Mary died 13 Feb 1906 and Louis died 27 Jul 1907. They are both buried in Mont Sainte-Marie Cemetery in Stanstead. They had seven children:

William James 1858-1900

John Louis 1860-1936

Mary Jeanne 1862-1948

Henry Eugene 1864-1947

Sarah Marguerite 1868-

Joseph Albert 1871-1877

Alice 1877-1877

Like Catherine, Richard Dunne was not known to the family but discovered by researchers at Rothe House Trust. Except for baptism records there is no other information on Richard. It is possible he died young.

According to the James Dunne bible his youngest brother Laurence arrived in Stanstead, Quebec with his mother on 20 Sep 1850/51. Except for this bible entry and his baptism record I have found no other information on Laurence.










Additional Information
Date of Birth 1818 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 27th Nov 1873 VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Thomas Dunne  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Egan  
Names of Siblings Michael John, Patrick, Thomas, John, Catherine, Mary, Richard, Lawrence  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Ellen Angela Croak  
Place & Date of Marriage St John's Kilkenny, 2nd November 1846  
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