James Edward Mitchell 1876

James Edward Mitchell 1876

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Date of Birth 20th Jul 1876  
Date of Death 30th Jun 1928 VIEW SOURCE


  • James Mitchell was born in Garrafine, Co. Galway to Thomas and Catherine(Carty) Mitchell. He worked as a sales person for Grierson, Oldham & Adams, a Dublin Wine Merchant, covering the west of Ireland.

    In the course of his travels he met and married Teresa Gillespie of King Street Ballina.

    He developed their small shop into a bigger business, under the name "James E. Michell &Co. Ltd" adding a pub, bakery and bonded warehouse, and a fertiliser business and small mill.

    He died of heart disease in 1928 leaving his widow with three young girls. Teresa(Tess) continued the business after selling off the Gouldings agency. 


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