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James Gamble was born in Enniskillen in County Fermanagh on the 3rd of April 1803. 

At the age of 16, Gamble relocated to the United Stated with his parents. They were travelling to Illinois when Gamble became ill. This caused the family to halt their journey in Cincinnati where they ultimately remained. 

In Cincinnatie, Gamble took on an apprenticeship in soap making. This would prove to be a life changing move for Gamble, as it is through soap making that he would earn his fortune.

In 1837, Gamble went into business with a man named William Proctor. Together the two founded the hugely successful Proctor and Gamble company which is still thriving today. 

James Gamble died on the 29th of April 1891. He is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. 

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Date of Birth 3rd Apr 1803 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 29th Apr 1891 VIEW SOURCE


Newspaper Article Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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