James Gammell was the son of John Gammell, a weaver in Bruff, and Catherine Bennett. Other Gammells in Bruff were William, witness to James' parents' marriage. James is entered as 'John' Gammell on his marriage entry. On 02 October 1840 James, his wife Margaret and his sister Bridget emmigrated on the ship Jane Gifford, Plymouth to Sydney, as a bountry emmigrant. Perhaps to avoid the cholera. In some emmigration records his name is Gannon, his sister is Barron. He had been married just over two and a half years and was living in Tipperary town since his marriage (not far from Bruff). No trace so far of Catherine or John, James' parents, after 1820, birth of their son John. James and his brother John bought land in the developing township of Parramatta west of Sydney, opened a blacksmiths shop and prospered financially. John died mysteriously in 1854 aged 33. There were other Gammells in Bruff in the 1840s and later who might have been related to this family.


No trace so far about weaving in Bruff nor how big John the father of James' establishment was. Nor of where the family came from. Gammell seems either Nordic or Scottish rather than Irish.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 15th Dec 1815
Date of Death 7th Jul 1875
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John Gammell
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Catherine Bennett
Place & Date of Baptism 15 December 1815, Bruff
Number of Siblings 3
Names of Siblings Bridget, Ellen, John
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Margaret Downey
Place & Date of Marriage 24 February 1838, Tipperary
Number of Children 5 known, of 10
First Child Catherine Cecilia Gammell
Names of Children Catherine, Mary Ann, Margaret, John, James
Occupation blacksmith, independent means
Place of Death Parramatta NSW Australia
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