James Haran 1807

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Date of Birth 1807  
Date of Death 1884 (circa)  
  James Haran, born Ahamlish, to mother Honorah Waters and father Bernard Haran. Spouse, Bridget Gilmartin  


  • I have been researching my Irish ancestors since 2007 and have had success in finding both my paternal and maternal  grandparents and families. My paternal side had been on Coney Island since the early 1800's through 1984, their name was Hugh and Michael Haran and families. My grandfather James Haran born circa 1857 on Coney Island immigrated to the USA in 1882. Many times during my research both Ahamlish and Grange appear with the Haran name(and variations) so I wonder if that area is where they originated from. The closeness of Sligo, Ahamlish and Grange, also Drumcliffe is such that it would be feasable for that to be the case.


    Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge on that from the above areas.

    Thank You,

    James Haran



    James E. Haran

    Sunday 8th September 2019, 04:15PM
  • I, too, am researching Haran. James Harn shows as a close relation on YDNA test but I have not been able to connect with someone who can provide link. I'd like to compare info. I'm found as jrm24 on Ancestry/Bob Bernie Mason on Facebook.

    Friday 12th June 2020, 01:20PM
  • Hi Bernie, I have not uncovered any new information on the Haran/Haren/Harn and others in the Grange area. I see you are already connected to the facebook group page of the Haran/Haren researchers. I have had my dna done by both Ancestry and 23&me but have not done the gedmatch as of yet. This is a good group and seems to be well organized. Cathy Carley and Liz are both top notch. The gedmatch route would be my suggestion for you unless you are open to hiring genealogists in Ireland. I used Timeline Genealogy in Dublin to find my roots on Coney Island. It was money well spent and I have spent more with online websites with no results. I wasn't sure which Bob Bernie Mason you are on FB but did find you on the Haran/Haren group site. Let me know how it goes. I have been to Grange but family records I did not find. I live in the USA so Ireland is about 6000+ miles away for me.


    Best of Luck

    James Haran    email: jeharan@comcast.net

    James E. Haran

    Friday 12th June 2020, 03:21PM

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