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My Great Grandfather, James Joseph Joyce was born in April 1853 in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland,  His father, James, was 25 and his mother, Ellen Mullany, was 23.

He had two brothers, Patrick (born 1851 in Ballovey RC parish, County Mayo) and John (born 1956 in Youngstown, Ohio).  Based on the baptism dates and the birth of John in America, we can infer they migrated to the USA between 1854 to 1856. 

James Joseph married Mary McGraw in 1876 in Youngstown, Ohio. They had four children (all born in Youngstown, Ohio during their marriage, Joseph Ignatius Joyce was born on June 3, 1878, Anna Joyce was born in May 1880,  Mary Jane was born on August 4, 1882, and my Grandfather - James Alphonso was born on February 23, 1885.

James Joseph died on June 29, 1939, at the age of 86, and was buried in Los Angeles, California. 

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Date of Birth Apr 1853  
Date of Death 2nd Jun 1939  

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    My great grandparents Michael & Mary Lyden we’re friends with the Joyce Family in Youngstown, Ohio having left Mayo in 1923 & 1925. My grandfather, John Lyden’s first friend inYoungstown, was Martin “ Marty” Joyce. Marty was born in Youngstown, but his parents were from Mayo coming to Youngstown before my family in the 1920’s. Marty went on to be a juvenile judge in Youngstown. Youngstown has the Marty Joyce Juvenile Justice Center. He dies 6-7 years ago give or take. My aunt is still living and she may be able to help you as she grew up with around the Joyce family on Youngstown’s Eastside.


    Friday 24th August 2018, 01:01AM
  • Hello Roberta,

    Thank you for the response.

    I have gone back through my immediate family tree and unfortunately, have no recorded link to a Martin Joyce.

    My Great Grandfather, James Joseph Joyce was born in County Mayo, Ballinrobe parish in 1853.  His older brother Patrick was born in 1851 also in County Mayo, Ballinrobe parish.  His younger brother John Joyce was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1856.

    My Great Great Grandfather also move to Youngstown, Ohio around 1855 with his wife Ellen (Mullany) Joyce.

    More helpful to investigating Martin Joyce are the dates when my Joyce line left Youngstown:

    James Joyce (Great Great Grandfather) died in Youngstown in 1901

    Ellen Joyce (Great Great Grandmother) died in Youngstown in 1898.

    Patrick Joyce (2nd Great Uncle) died in Greenville, Pennsylvania in 1914.  His son Samuel Joyce had moved to Pennsylvania by 1914.

    John Joyce (2nd Great Uncle) moved to St. Paul Minnesota by 1888.  Died in St. Paul in 1935.

    James Joseph Joyce (Great Great Grandfather) noted as living in San Antonio Texas in 1914.  By 1928 he was living in Los Angeles, California.

    James A. Joyce (my Grandfather) had moved to Los Angeles around 1910.  His older brother Joseph I Joyce died in Youngstown in 1941, but his only child was an adopted daughter.

    According to your information, my Joyce family should have been in Youngstown around 1923 and 1925.   But based on what I have been able to determine, by 1914, my direct Joyce relatives (with the exception of Joseph I Joyce) were no longer in Youngstown.  My Great Grandmother (Mary McGraw Joyce) still have relatives in the area, but they are all McGraws and Marquettes.

    If you have access to Ancestry.com my family tree can be found under Joyce-Flamm Family.  Most of the information I have is posted into the tree.

    I know that there are many Youngstown Joyce's (particularly from County Mayo) and I am sure we are all related, but I am not sure that I am closely related to the other Youngstown Joyces.  My family left very little information.  Most of my links are from public documents and old newspapers.   Perhaps your Aunt may have more insight into family connections.  I look forward to any leads.

    Many thanks for your help.





    Friday 24th August 2018, 05:43PM

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