James  Joseph McCloskey 18151815

James Joseph McCloskey 1815

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1. Having exhautsed all on line searches, where would you suggest I start at the local level?

2. If the family was said to be from Dungiven and Roman Catholic, where was their likely church and National School of the early 1800's? And the graveyard?


James Joseph McCloskey 

   Birth:  Abt. 1815 (Dungiven, Londonderry)

   Parents:  John McCloskey (Abt. 1775-1885) and Jane Mullen (Abt. 1785-1860)

   Siblings: Edward F., Robert, John, Thomas B., Ann and Henry (all unconfirmed)

   Marriage: Ellen M. Pender (1824-1882)

   Children:  All said to have been born in Dungiven

                1. John C. or H. (1849-1918)

                2. Thomas A. (1851-1900)

                3. William J. (1854)

                4. James Francis (1856-1926)

                5. Daniel Joseph (1859-1935)

                6. Mary A. (1861-1913)

                7. Ellen J. (1866)

   Emmigration: To US after abt. 1867

Any confirmation or assistance is appreciated.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1815 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Jan 1877 (circa)
Townland born Dungiven, Londonderry
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John McCloskey (Abt. 1775-1885)
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Jane Mullen (Abt. 1785-1860)
Names of Siblings Edward F., Robert, John, Thomas B., Ann and Henry
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Ellen M. Pender (1824-1882)
Names of Children John C. or H. (1849-1918), Thomas A. (1851-1900), William J. (1854), James Francis (1856-1926), Daniel Joseph (1859-1935), Mary A. (1861-1913), Ellen J. (1866)
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  • Follow up

    I am going to be in the area for local research around Easter.

    Might there be a local volunteer that could help navigate?

    I would be forever grateful.

    Warm regards 


    Susan L. Moran

    Friday 18th March 2022 11:09AM
  • My great, great, great grandmother was Mary McCloskey who lived in or near Londonderry area. Records don't say if it was town or county. Maybe they were related.

    She & hubby, John Carrolton, had a son named Henry Carlton, born December 1829, who left Londonderry in 1847 as a sailor-before-the-mast. He was in Ohio about 1850 then by mid 1850s had settled in Kansas on McDowell Creek in Davis County. He's buried there in St. Joseph Catholic Church.


    Friday 25th March 2022 10:24AM
  • Hello DM

    Thank you for your post.

    Whether we are related or not, it's always nice to meet another McCloskey.

    Unfortunately, the details described do not sound familiar. I wish they did!!

    Nonetheless, should I come across something that may help you I will be happy to pass it along.


    Kind regards


    Susan L. Moran

    Saturday 26th March 2022 09:40AM

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