James McDermott Sr. 1789

James McDermott Sr. 1789

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On 25 Feb, 1811, James McDermott (d.1865) of Kilmore married Catherine Beirne of Cloonybrennan. The witnesses were his first cousin, Mary Burke (wife of Matthew Farrell) and his brother-in-law, Thomas Beirne, both of Cloonybrennan.

The Beirnes had been in Cloonybrennan for generations. Patt Birn (there in 1749) was very likely Catherine’s grandfather. However, this surname did not survive the Great Famine.

Children of James McDermott & Catherine Beirne:  
Thomas  McDermott  01-May-1812     (godparents: Michael Berne & Margaret Manion)
Mary  McDermott 03-Sep-1813  (godparents: Barnaby McDermott & Celia Kelly
Michael  McDermott 16-Sep-1814     (godparents: Eugene Dervan & Brigid Dervan 
John  McDermott 14-Aug-1815 (godparents: Patrick Casserly & Honor Kelly
James  McDermott 22-Oct-1817    (godparents: Michael Burke & Honor Anderson 
Margaret  McDermott 22-Oct-1817  TWINS  (shared godparents)
Ann  McDermott 23-Apr-1820     (godparents: Matthew Farrell & Margaret Berne
Catherine  McDermott 29-Apr-1825     (godparents: Michael Casserly & Mgt. Beirne (2)
Eleanor  McDermott 02-Jul-1827 (godparents: Thomas & Margaret Beirne (3)

George McDermott   29-Jan-1830     (godparents:   George Byrne & Margaret Manion(2)
Patrick  McDermott 09-Mar-1832     (godparents: George (2) & Winifred Byrne
Mary  McDermott 08-May-1835     (godparents: Bernard McDermott & Margaret Manion (3)

By 1857 (Griffiths Valuation) James was leasing farm #7 in Cloonybrennan, and his eldest son, Thomas McDermott, farm #10. The McDermotts living in Cloonybrennan today are descendants of this Thomas McDermott.


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Date of Birth 1789 (circa)  
Date of Death 1865  

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