James Moore 1643

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From BMD records for Templemore Cathedral, Londonderry City I have the christening for James Moore 06 May 1643 son of Edward. Also, on on 03 Sep 1643 one for John son of Thomas Moore. Through extensive research I believe Edward and Thomas could be brothers. 

I believe James is the James Moore of 04 April 1700 Land Indent with William Conolly for half the townland of Carrowreagh in Co Derry. The other half was with a Thomas Moore who had a son John. James d 1729 - his sons Tristram and Edward

The line of James Moore 1643-1729 led to his great grandson Tristram Moore 1767 Co Derry -1839 Australia. I have written about him under the Boards Tamlaght Finlagan (Derry) and Tamlaght (Derry). I have done intensive research on this Moore family.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 6th May 1643  
Date of Death 1729  
Place & Date of Baptism Templemore Cathedral, Londonderry City 06 May 1643 son of Edward  

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