James Shamus Mohr Logue 1834

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Home Townland of Dundooan and House called, " Pilot's Cottage in Dundooan Position of Front Door of the Pilot Cottage is at 55 Deg 13 Min 22.045 Sec N 07 Deg 47 Min 57.420 Sec W

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Married at st johns, Carigart; was a boat pilot on Mulroy bay;   Some times is listed as a Farmer;

Died of old age in Dundooan;

have a copy of marriage certificate 21 Jan 1872 but lists the father as John Logue, not Patrick as in the Church records. (St Mary's Records since Lost for Marriages only)

He was a Farmer at Marriage and his Father John was Listed as a farmer also.

birth date was personal knowledge of James Logue his grandson the son of Patrick.

the family originally came from the island of Inch.

Info also collected by Dr. Leslie Lucas and Winnie McBride

From James Logue in Abseacon, NJ James Logue (b. 1834) were marking sheep with Johnny Logue (James Logue in Abseacon's brother) with tar and there was a feisty little ream shook and knocked the bucket and the tar went up into the face of James and landed right in his beard. Shamus More (James Logue b. 1834) was quite mad.

James Logue (b.1834) would always stop into Dan Logue's Place in Carigart to Drink a mug of Ale.

Johnny Logue told the story of the death of James Logue(b.1834) that he was lying in bed with a candle beside his bed. For a couple of days, he laid there and the priest came over and he died shortly thereafter.

When we asked by Jimmy Logue (King of Prussia, Pa.) what he died of Johnny said "He was 96 years old- He died of Old Age". (He broke his hip while tending the cows - his grandson James Logue in Abseacon) (confirmed by other people and research)

James Logue(b. 1834) kept a flintlock rifle in his house and Dan and John were fighting over who would get to use it first, It went off and put a hole in the thatched roof "The Old Man was fit to be tied".

James Logue (b. 1834) was saying the Rosaries and the dog started howling, He put up with for a few moments and told the dog to mind his ways and when the dog could not be convinced to keep quiet he picked up the dog by the scruff of his neck and by the hindquarter and through him out the window.

James Logue (b. 1834) took some of the older boys out to fish and left Peter in charge of the cows and he got involved with something else, and he did not pay attention, and the cows got into the potatoes when the Old Man returned he asked Peter if everything went well with the cows and Peter said that the cows got into the Potatoes and the Old Man was furious and he hit peter with a fish. Peter was mad at this point and followed his father into the house and placed a bucket full of water behind him when he got up on a chair to get something on the shelf.

Grand-pop Owen took some salt and threw it in the fire and when he did the salt made the flame get much larger and it flashed up and singed his father's Underwear (James Logue b.1834) who had hung his underwear up to dry by the fire.

James Logue was trained in Dublin to be a navigator, read the stars for navigation, and how to sail big ships. He went to a Professional School or College to learn the task.

James Logue was a very progressive man. He always had a Lobster business in the summer. He made about 10 to 15 pounds a week in income.

James was able to get an education it is said because his father Patrick had found a shipwreck that had some gold coins in it. The money was used for the education of James and in addition, the money was used for a hedge school in the area.

James Logue (b. 1834) was a great big man who was said to taller than Six feet and was one of the strongest men in the area. He had red hair and a small nose, James did not look like Patrick but he did look like Dan. He was not only big in stature but had very big Ears. From James Logue in Abseacon.

As a father, James was very firm and as a grandfather, he was just the same. !when James was young he had cholera as did his father (Patrick) b. 1850’s and even though his father died of the disease (James died in a boating accident as a river Pilot) he was spared by eating fresh fish and some other home cures.

They also bled James to get all of the bad germs out or so they thought.

James Logue (b 1834) fell on the Ice and his pelvic bone came up and punctured his kidneys. He died of Uremic poisoning. How it happened was this, He went out to check the cows and there was some ice on the ground and he slipped and fell and he only lasted a few days.

Michael: See Below: James Logue Married a Bridget Coyle. Owen B.1888 You speak of was my grandfather. His actual birth was 23 Feb 1888 but and was baptized a few days later. His parents did not register it for a few months and Owen thought it funny to put one over on the British.


Here is the family:

James Logue b. 1834 d. 1930 (Owen's Father)

Married first Bridget Coyle b 1847 d. 1880 or so.

First Marriage Offspring:

1. Patrick Logue B. 1872 He was a boat pilot John b. 1874 Pilot Instructor for the Irish Government

2. John Logue lived in the House and was apprenticed as a River Boat Pilot on the Lough Swilly.

3. Fanny Logue - TBD

4. Anne B. 1876 Married Dennis McBride

5. Daniel b. 1878 He went to the US and then went back to Ireland Married

Second Marriage

Sarah McBride b 1858 d. 1890 Offspring

6.Hugh Logue 1882 Went to Australia and died there

7. James b. 1884 Went to the US on the same Ship as Owen also a Shoe Maker and went back to inherit their wife's father's farm when he passed away.

8. Michael b. 1886 He was an Ill and was in the same crib he was born in at age 21 when he died.


9. Owen b. 1888 My grandfather was a shoemaker and lived in Philly at 5036 Wayne Ave in Germantown section of Philadelphia and had a Shoe Maker Store

10. Peter b. 1889 Was a Merchant Marine and went to Australia died at age of 102

11. Mary Frances b. 1890 Died just after her birth along

Mary’s Mother (Sarah) died having been attacked by a Bull as she was caught up in some Quicksand-like area near her home at Dundooan Lower.

James Logue B 1834 Father was:

Patrick (John) Logue b. 1796

His father was:

James Logue b. 1754 His Father was:

Owen O'Logue b. 1720 His Father was:

Owen O'Logue b. 1695 on the Inch Island, Donegal, Ireland I have been over in Ireland many times doing research and have been under the benefit of a book on the Logue's going back about 400 years.

Owen O'Logue b.1695 (or so) told his children that they were to memorize their ancestors going back to 1550's but that memory did not survive. Neither did the book.  Although everyone has seen it, it was misplaced? at ????????? in about 1965 or so.

Continue of the Story's related to James Logue and myself on various interviews:

These are notes on my Logue family from Dundooan, Meevagh, Co. Donegal, Ireland. They were collected from interviews done from 1960s to the present. Dr. Leslie Lucas collected information for years on the Meevagh area and knew my great grandfather, and Dr. Lucas said he talked to him many times. James was a pilot, as were his sons John and grandson Patrick, I believe.

I do not guarantee any of this to be true, but family traditions have survived the time. There was a book seen by more than a dozen people on the Logue family, but no one knows the location of it now.

!James Ancestors were possibly originally from Melmore; two of James’s children died in a boating Accident originally described in a 1772 census for taxes; May have been born

In either Dundooan or Melmore Dr Leslie Lucas thinks more likely would be

Other pos. explanation is that James was born at Dundooan and his father Owen

Moved from Inch Island around 1752. This was from family information provided

by about four individuals about the family moving in this year. (written in the book)

! Owen was born in inch Island and moved to the Dundoan area in 1752. He had

Four to Six brothers were Michael, Thomas, Alfonso, and others. He moved

from the Island of Inch in 1752 and lived at Dundooan but the others went to

different places, one Thomas went to Carrykeel and is the paternal G-Grandfather

of Cardinal Michael Logue the father being Michael, the grandfather being Brian

and the Great grandfather being Thomas. One brother is said to have gone to

the west of Donegal and two went up along the river in county Derry.

! There may be conflicts in the following stories but they were from different

people and it would be impossible to verify any of the below, so here goes.

! Owen O' Logue came from the Island of Inch and moved to Dundooan in 1752 and

they lived there for 205 years until john sold the property and land in 1957 or

so. This was when he had the house built in Largenreagh.

! He had James who had seven or 18 sisters depending who you talk to.

! Owen O'Logue's brothers scattered from the Island of Inch in different

Directions, Owen was the Oldest to the Knowledge of James Logue (1902)

Absecon, N. J., One or more of the family went over to the other area of

Derry, Co. Derry, Ireland.Were Owen came to Dundooan and got married to a

local girl and stayed in Dundooan.

! We were related to the people of Kerry-Keel, The brother Michael was to have

gone to the west of Donegal or to Kerry keel-(the exact location or story is

lost in obscurity.) It is said that he had children who had children who had

children who were known to the people of Dundooan (Logue's) as their second

cousins. There may have been between four and six brothers altogether who were

from the Island of Inch. Two names that keep on reoccurring are Thomas and


! The people in Kerry Keel even looked like us.

! In 1963 James Logue went over to Ireland again and he met with the last Logue

on the Island of Inch and he was 93 years old and had altimeters disease, at one

time the man said there were four families over there on the Island of Inch.

!Owen was said to be 28 years old when he moved to Mulrooy bay, in 1752 which

put his birth in 1724 and his father in 1690's.

!again we heard that there were four sons, two went to west Derry, and one to

West Donegal. Could the sons in west Derry be the ones who were on Logue's Town?

where we stayed in Coleraine? (In 1988) His son James was said to have been born in

1760. We find from James Logue in Absecon that it was James who had the

daughters and now Owen (7 to 18 of them)-You got me? Most of the daughters

Married off and some of them went to Argentina and got married to some

Argentinians and they originally got introduced because the Logues

specifically, James had a horse farm and the Argentineans were great horsemen

They came over to buy some horses and left with some wives also.

! James said they may have lived in Rio Disionareo.

! Other daughters went to North America also.

The above was from Dr. Leslie Lucas, James Logue, and Owen

Logue, Logue family in Australia, John Logue and Peter Logue (d. when 102 Years Old in Punch bowl, Sydney area of Australia), the

brother of Owen.

This is my family from records.

Joe Reiley


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Date of Birth 18th Nov 1834  
Date of Death 12th Dec 1930 (circa)  
New Type Dundooan  

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