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Marriage Record for James Slattery to Mary Bourke

DATE: 9 February 1832, James Slattery and Mary Bourke (from Cloran) were married by Reverend Thomas Bourke.

Witnesses: John O'Bryon and Michael Bourke

Fee Paid: 5 pounds, 11 shillings , 0 denarius/pennies

NOTE: Cloran was located approximately 14.1 kilometers or 8.75 miles northeast of Lisronagh, County Tipperary

SOURCE: Marriage Register 11 January 1812 to 22 November 1846, Diocese of Cashel and Emly, Drangan, County Tipperary,

               Marriages February 1831 to February 1832, Page 149

Irish Catholic Parish Registers at the National Library of Ireland (

NOTE: James Slattery and Mary Bourke (Burke) moved to Lisronagh, County Tipperary.  They had six children baptized at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Lisronagh.  The children were born between 1833 and 1846.   My Great-Great Grandfather, Patrick John Slattery, was baptised 26 June 1839, the fourth child of James Slattery and Mary Burke.  His baptismal sponsors were Michael Slattery and Brigid Burke.  Patrick John Slattery immigrated from Ireland to the United States.  Patrick John Slattery, age 26, was a passenger on the S/S Manhattan from Liverpool & Queenstown to New York.  He arrived in New York on 22 October 1866.  Patrick John Slattery married Mary Ann Spaight, who was from Derryfadda, County Clare, on 20 September 1868 at St. John's Catholic Church in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.  They had five children born in New York (1869, 1871, 1872, 1874 1876); however, the first two children died very young in New York.  Patrick John Slattery and Mary Ann Spaight Slattery and family moved from Brooklyn, New York to Akron, Ohio. On 29 April 1878 their son, John Joseph Slattery, was born in Akron, Summit County, Ohio. Patrick John Slattery came to Ford County, Kansas from Akron, Ohio in March 1878.  Here he established a homestead where he built a little housae with one room of wood and one room of sod.  Mary Ann Spaight Slattery and the four living children came to Ford County, Kansas from Akron, Ohio in June 1878.  They had three more children born in Kansas (1880, 1882, 1884).  Mary Ann Spaight Slattery died in Spearville, Ford County, Kansas on 8 May 1928 at the age of 86.  Patrick John Slattery died in Spearville, Ford County, Kansas on 11 January 1930 at the age of 90.



Additional Information
Date of Death 1871 (circa)  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Mary Bourke  
Place & Date of Marriage 9 February 1832  
Number of Children 9  

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