James T. Hutchinson 1802

James T. Hutchinson 1802

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James T. Hutchinson, Rev., was born in Ireland 19 May 1802,  place unknown but possibly in County Carlow or Northern Ireland.  Nothing is known about his family or his life prior to his marriage to Sarah Catherine Colclough on 1 Sep 1836 in Dunleckny, C. Carlow.  Sarah was born 1 Feb 1819 to Catherine Wall (b. about 1785) and John Colclough (b about 1785).  Catherine Wall was the daughter of Sarah Payne and Dowling Wall, Wells Parish County Carlow.  

Sarah and James had a daughter, Sophia b. 1837 in Ireland.  In 1839 they left Ireland for Canada. James was a schoolmaster in Quebec while waiting to begin his missionary work with the Wesleyan Methodist Society between 1840 through 1854.  During these years the family grew to 13 children.  James missionary work included teaching at Indian schools, living in Indian villages and other frontier villages in the Huron Peninsula.  In 1854 he left missionary work and took a position as school superintendent.  By 1859 he had returned to ministerial service and was priested by Bishop Cronyn of the Diocese of Huron, Ontario, Church of Canada.  He retired from service in 1877 and died 21 Mar 1878.

After James’ death Sarah Catherine and daughter Sophia who never married lived with various family members until their deaths.  Two daughters married and were widowed young left to raise their children as best they could.  Two other daughters married, moved to US, but never had children.  Two sons married and stayed in Canada and raised families.  Two of the youngest sons decided to make their way to the U.S. West Coast settling in Washington state and California.  Several of the 2nd generation also made their way to the States, others served in WWI with the Canadian armed forces.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 19th May 1802  
Date of Death 1st Mar 1878  

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