James A Waddell 1775

James A Waddell 1775

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My ancestor, James Waddell left Ireland with his wife, Eleanor, around 1830. He settled in licking county, Ohio with her and his son, Robert. Robert was married to Sarah Stinson, and they had a son named James Waddell. He was born in 1837 in licking county. They moved to St Louis, and Robert joined the Missouri militia. He was sent to New Mexico and died there in about 1847.

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Date of Birth 1775  
Date of Death 1852  




  • Hi, we may be related. My 2 x Great Grandfather, David Waddell, left Gilford, Down for Australia in the 1800s. Do you have much family research? All my family in Australia have all been boys, so we still have the family name.

    Thanks, Janine (Waddell)


    Friday 30th October 2020, 08:51AM
  • Hi Janine,

    I have hit a brick wall with James.  I can't find a marriage record, so Eleanor's maiden name is also a mystery.  I did find a notation that when James died, his will was sent to Armagh Court House.  My cousin in Texas told me that the reason his will was sent to Armagh was because he still owned property there.  I don't know where to look to find a copy of his will.  Probably paying a visit to the court house would be the easiest, but with covid, who knows when that can happen.  Also, the family back then followed the old naming pattern.  James A. had a son named Robert.  Robert had a son named James A.  James A. had a son named Robert (my great grandfather).  At that point, the naming pattern was done away with.  Thanks for sharing!


    Jani Waddell

    Jani Waddell

    Friday 12th February 2021, 11:35PM

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