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Jane Elizabeth Curran (married surname: Oxton); Daughter of Capt. Robert Curran, Jr. of Portaferry, Co. Down, and Mary McSherry of Killough, Co. Down, later of Belfast.


BIRTH 5 DEC 1871 • Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland to Mary McSherry originally of Killough, County Down, and Capt. Robert Curran, Jr. originally of Portaferry, County Down, Ireland.

Their Home Address at the time of Jane Elizabeth Curran's Birth: 15 Corporatation Square, Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland.  Located directly across the street from the Belfast Harbour Office.

On Jane Elizabeth Curran's birth certificate it notes an Eliza Robinson of 23 Millfield, Belfast, as present at her birth, as well as informant of her birth.

Baptism: 7 Dec 1871 • St. Patrick’s Catholic Chapel, (Diocese of Down & Connor) Northern Ireland, By Rev. J McCann; Sponsors: Patrick McKenna & Sarah McConnell (Sarah McConnell also listed as Bride’s Witness at parents Mary McSherry & Robert Curran’s Wedding)

Religion: Irish Roman Catholic

Marriage: 26 Jun 1909 • St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church, Tuebrook, Lancashire, England, to John Francis Oxton, Jr. who was born on 29 JAN 1873 • West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, and who died on 27 NOV 1938 • 44 West 85th Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

  • Departure:  The Oxton/Curran Family Immigrated to the United States in 1924.  17 May 1924 • Liverpool, England; Aboard Cunard’s Franconia II (1923 – 1956); 20,158 tons; Number of masts-2; Engines-Steam turbines; Service speed–16 knots; Builder:John Brown & Co, Glasgow; Passenger accommodation: 330 First, 420 Second, 950 Third Classes; 
  • Arrival: 27 May 1924 • Ellis Island, New York, USA; (2nd Class) Aboard Cunard’s RMS Franconia II with her 2 sons, John Gerard "Jack" Oxton, Sr., Age 13, and Charles Joseph "Charlie" Oxton, Age 9.  (Husband John Francis Oxton, Jr. arrived earlier with his brother Samuel Oxton.
  • Property: 42 South Street, Newark, Essex, New Jersey, USA; By 1930 Jane Elizabeth Curran and her husband John Francis Oxton, Jr. both owned and lived in (with their 2 sons) the house located at 42 South Street, Newark, New Jersey in Essex County worth approx. $11,200.00.  They operated their Boarding House Business out of this same home.  
  • Date of Death and Cause of Death: Jane Elizabeth Oxton (nee Curran) died on 5 Jan 1931 • Brooklyn, Kings County, New York City, New York, USA; According to her Death Certificate, she died from “Chronic Endocarditis of the Tricuspid Valve with General Cyanosis” on January 5, 1931 in the rental home she shared with her husband and 2 sons located at 2856 West 36th Street in the Coney Island neighborhood of New York City (Brooklyn Borough) in New York, USA.
  • Buried: Jane Elizabeth Oxton (nee Curran) was laid to rest at Brooklyn, New York's Irish-Catholic Cemetery, Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, in the same family plot as her son, John “Jack” Oxton, Jr. and his wife Anna L. Kelly, on 8 Jan 1931 in PLOT: St. Edmund, System: CEM, Section: EDMU, Row: 5, Plot: 11. 
  • Her husband John Francis Oxton, Jr., is buried in the same Brooklyn, NY Cemetery-PLOT: St. Mary, System: CEM, Section: MARY, Plot: 588 

John Francis Oxton, Jr., was the 3rd and final person (as of 2020) to be laid to rest in this plot in Brooklyn's Irish Catholic Cemetery-Holy Cross Cemetery, St. Mary, System: CEM, Section: MARY, Plot: 588.

The owner of this plot is Irish immigrant Mr. Patrick Keleher/Kelleher (Memorial ID: 173407847). Patrick was born in approx. 1823 in Ireland, and immigrated to the Brooklyn area of New York City, New York, USA in approx. 1850. Patrick purchased the plot in the oldest, largest Irish Catholic Cemetery in the U.S.A. in the late 1860's after he and his wife, fellow Irish Immigrant, Ellen Riordan (Memorial ID: 173340952), started to have children. Patrick died on 10 Apr 1901 in Brooklyn, New York, of Asthenia and Pneumonia, and he was laid to rest on 13 Apr 1901. His only son, John Keleher/Kelleher (Memorial ID: 173340965) was buried in this plot in late Nov. 1938 following his death on or about 18 Nov 1938. Just days after John Kelleher was laid to rest in late Nov. 1938, John Francis Oxton, Jr. was laid to rest in this unmarked grave, on 30 Nov 1938, following his death from a heart attack in the Irish tenement building he lived in (at 44 West 85th Street, Manhattan, New York), which, at the time, he shared with his paternal uncle, Samuel F. Oxton, and his youngest son, Charles Joseph Anthony "Charlie" Oxton (Memorial ID: 216918787), on 27 Nov 1938.

John Francis Oxton, Jr.'s relationship to the owner of this burial plot: Mr. Patrick Kelleher, and his son, John Kelleher, is through the 1st born son of John Francis Oxton and Jane Elizabeth Curran (Memorial ID:174324607), John Gerrard "Jack" Oxton, Sr. (Memorial ID: 174324609) and Jack's wife, Anna Loretta Kelly (Memorial ID:174324606). Anna L Kelly is the 2nd youngest daughter of Patrick Kelleher and Ellen Riordan's youngest child, Hannah Loretta Kelleher (Hannah is the kid sister of John Kelleher). John Francis Oxton, Jr.'s wife, Jane Elizabeth Curran, became best friends with Patrick Kelleher and Ellen Riordan's youngest child, Hannah Loretta Kelleher (Memorial ID: 173342613), after John Francis Oxton, his wife Jane Elizabeth, and their 2 sons, Jack and Charlie Oxton, all immigrated to the New York area of the U.S.A. in May of 1924. John Francis Oxton, Jr.'s wife, Jane Elizabeth Curran (a fellow Irish Immigrant, born in Belfast in 1871,) and Patrick Kelleher's daughter, Hannah Loretta Kelleher, bonded over their shared Irish Catholic background, having met each other when the Oxton family rented a duplex from Hannah Loretta Kelleher, and her husband, Thomas James Kelly (Memorial ID: 173408523), at 2856 West 36th Street in Coney Island, New York, USA, in the summer of 1930; Hannah Kelleher, her husband, Thomas J Kelly, and their 6 children, lived in the duplex next door, which shared a front stoop/porch with the Oxton family.

Hannah and Jane Elizabeth spent a good amount of time sitting together our on the front stoop/porch they shared at their Coney Island residence, exchanging stories about their Irish-Catholic families, and stories about Jane Elizabeth's life growing up in Belfast in the late 1800's. John Francis and Jane Elizabeth's eldest son Jack, fell in love with, and went on to marry, Anna Loretta Kelly, daughter of Hannah Loretta Kelleher and Thomas J Kelly.** John Francis Oxton, Jr.'s beloved wife, Jane Elizabeth Curran, Jane Elizabeth's best friend, Hannah Loretta Kelleher, along with John and Jane Elizabeth's eldest son, John G. "Jack" Oxton, and Jack's wife/Hannah's daughter, Anna Loretta Kelly Oxton, are all buried in the Hannah L Kelleher and Thomas J Kelly Family Plot (also located in Brooklyn's Holy Cross Cemetery-Section: St. Edmund (EDMU), Row: 5, Plot: #12 ). John Francis Oxton, Jr., the father-in-law of Anna Loretta Kelly Oxton, was the last person buried in this still UNMARKED grave on 30 Nov 1938.

**Fun Kelleher/Oxton Family Lore: Best Friends Jane Elizabeth Curran (Oxton) and Hannah Loretta Kelleher (Kelly) only ever "disagreed" about 1 issue. Hannah, an incredibly proud 1st generation Irish-American born to Irish Immigrant parents, couldn't quite understand how her Belfast-born Irish-Catholic best friend, Jane Elizabeth Curran, could have married a "Brit", even if he was a "Catholic Brit" (John Francis Oxton, Jr. descended from Irish and Scottish ancestors, but was a 4th or 5th generation Irish and Scottish descendant born in the Lancashire area of England).

Although Hannah was born in Brooklyn, New York, she felt very strongly about her Irish-Catholic heritage, as did Jane Elizabeth Curran. However, Hannah was adamant about her children only marrying a fellow Irish-Catholic so the Irish bloodline isn't polluted with the English. Hannah was known to tease her friend by reminding Jane Elizabeth that neither of Jane's 2 sons would be allowed to marry any of Hannah's daughters because their father, John Francis, despite being of Irish heritage AND a Catholic, was born in the Liverpool suburb of West Derby in England, as were John Francis' parents and grandparents. Given the way so many Irish-Catholics in Ireland were treated by the British during the 1800's and 1900's (i.e., Hannah's Irish-born parents, Jane Elizabeth Curran, and Jane Elizabeth's parents, siblings and grandparents), Hannah joked that no respectable Irish-Catholic should ever trust a 'Brit' or marry one, even a respectable Catholic like Jane Elizabeth's husband.

Contributor: J'Aimèe L. Oxton

Portaferry’s Captain Robert Curran & Killough’s Captain Richard McSherry (both later of Belfast from approximately 1867-1891)

I am the 2x great-granddaughter of Capt. Robert Curran of Portaferry (born abt. 1838 and died on 7 Jun 1890). Capt. Robert Curran was the son of Robert Curran, a Whitesmith (born about 1806 and died in approx. 1871) in Portaferry. My Curran family relatives resided at 77-78 New Row in Portaferry in the 1800's, which has since been renamed "Shore Street" and was located directly across the street from Portaferry's Gas Work's (which no longer exists but used to be next to the Saltpans). I believe that Capt. Robert Curran, who was a Fisherman/Master Mariner, had at least 3 brothers (John, Thomas and Patrick Curran), who were also all sailors/seamen. In January of 1867 at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel (Diocese of Down & Connor), Capt. Robert Curran married the daughter of a Fisherman/Master Mariner from Killough, named Capt. Richard McSherry (my 3x great-grandfather). Her name was Mary McSherry. Capt. Richard McSherry lived in/was associated with the residence at 22 Fisherman’s Row in Killough, County Down during the early to mid-1800’s before he moved his family up to Ballymacarrett and then Belfast’s Dock award in the early 1860’s.

For most of Capt. Robert Curran and Mary McSherry’s marriage they lived and raised their 7-8 children in the Old Sailortown area of Belfast, where Mary’s father Captain Richard McSherry owned a Pub & Inn on Corporation Square right across the street from the Belfast Harbour Office, which was called either "The Harbour Arms" or "The Harbour Arms Hotel" or "The Harbour Hotel" from approximately 1863 until his death in September of 1887.

However, after Capt. Robert Curran's sudden and untimely death at sea aboard his vessel “The Lorena” in June of 1890, his widow, Mary McSherry Curran, after she buried her beloved husband in Portaferry in 10 Jun 1890, moved out of Northern Ireland with their children to Liverpool, England, and she died a few years later in August of 1894 in the West Derby area of Liverpool.

Capt. Robert Curran and Mary McSherry Curran's 2nd eldest daughter is/was my great-grandmother, Jane Elizabeth Curran (married name Oxton). I am told that every summer up until she immigrated to Brooklyn, New York with her husband John F. Oxton, and their 2 sons in May of 1924, my great-grandmother, Jane Elizabeth Curran Oxton, would return to the Killough and Portaferry areas to visit her extended family, and to also ensure that her sons, Jack & Charlie Oxton (Charlie is my paternal grandfather), knew their Irish roots and Irish relatives by being able to spent time in the beautiful part of Northern Ireland where their mother and maternal grandparents grew up. 

I am trying to connect with any remaining Curran and McSherry relatives (or anyone who happened to know of my Curran or McSherry relatives) who may still remain in or around the Belfast, Portaferry and Killough areas? Both my McSherry and my Curran relatives (at least the ones I’m specifically aware of) were all Seamen/Mariners/Fisherman in County Down and Belfast throughout the 1800's.

I am also wondering if anyone has any old photographs of New Row/Shore Street in Portaferry, Corporation Square/Tomb Street in Belfast directly across from the Belfast Harbour Office, or of Fisherman’s Row in Killough that they would be willing to share with me? 

I have also been able to confirm that several of my direct McSherry Relatives, including my 3x great-grandfather, Captain Richard McSherry, and are least 3 of his daughters are all buried at Rossglass Catholic Graveyard in County Down, Parish of Rathmullan/Bright.

Any tid-bit of information you are willing to share will be GREATLY appreciated!! 

PLEASE feel free to message me here or send me an e-mail if you have any stories, photographs or information you can share or are willing to share. 

Thank you for your time. Please also pass this message along to anyone you know who may be interested in connecting with me or may have information that may help me in my search for relatives, stories and/or photographs of the places my great grandparents were born and raised.

J’Aimèe L. Oxton

My Family Tree on Ancestry (link below) is public, so please feel free to check it out.

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Date of Birth 5th Dec 1871 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 5th Jan 1931 VIEW SOURCE
Associated Building (s) St. Patrick's RC Church, St Patrick's Church  
New Type Father: Capt. Robert Curran born in Portaferry, Co. Down, Ireland Mother: Mary McSherry, daughter of Capt. Richard McSherry of Killough, Co. Down, Ireland, and later both of 15 Corporation Square, Belfast, Ireland.  


Northern Ireland. Great Britain. VIEW SOURCE

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