Jenkins Deveny 1620

Jenkins Deveny 1620

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Born in Dongannon, Tyrone around 1620. His son William was born there also around 1675 and immigrated to America. He made his home in Freehold, New Jersey. From a book written by a "Devinney" in 1970 on genealogical research i found most members settled in Pennsylvania or New York. Most men were very involved in the making and defense of America. My line went to New York, on to Wisconsin, then Iowa. From my understanding and what I'm trying to find out is the Devinney's came to Ireland as French Huguenots fleeing their country from religious persecution.

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Date of Birth 1620 (circa)  


  • Hello I am also researching the DeVeny line my grandmother was Nanna Belle DeVeny and trees trace back to Manus DeVeney born after 1541 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland possibly imagrating about 1606 to Northern Ireland who had a son Jenkins DeVeny born 1620 Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland he had a son William Deveny (1680–1749) also born in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. William most likely died in Ireland and his son made the trip to New Jersey about 1680 having a son named Arron…

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  • I am a 10th descendent of William Deveny, born in Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland in 1680. William emigrated to the US sometime before 1710 and married there. His son Aaron Sr. was born in what is today New Jersey in 1710 before the family moved to Pennsylvania. Aaron Sr. had a family including his son Aaron Jr. who was himself born in Pennsylvania around 1747. Aaron Sr. and wife are buried in Pennsylvania. Aaron Jr (wife Sarah) moved to North Carolina in 1773 to what was then Tyron County (later Rutherford County) NC. Aaron and Sarah had several children, including Robert Black Deviney born in 1773. Aaron Jr. served as a Captain in the Rutherford County Militia 1777-1780 before being captured at the battle at Cane Creek on Sep 12, 1780. He was paroled by Colonel Patrick Ferguson near the end of Sep 1780 before Ferguson and his soldiers fought the Battle of Kings Mountain on Oct 7, 1780. Ferguson was killed and his remaining soldiers surrender. I can outline the remaining set of Deveny/Deviney in my direct family line from Aaron Jr. to present. Most stayed in North Carolina but I believe Robert Black Deviney family line ended up in Texas and possibly Oklahoma.  Best Regards - Steve DeViney




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