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Jeremiah J Twohig of Knocknagappul (Horsemount), Rahalisk near Ballinagree. Born 1848 died 12/10/1926.  Married Bessie Coakley 1881.  Children include John, Mary, Daniel, and Nora. 

Any information apprecitated.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1848  
Date of Death 1926  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Married Bessie Coakley 1881  
Names of Children Children include John, Mary, Daniel, and Nora  



    Descendants of John Twohig and Johanna Cotter



    Generation No. 1


    1.  JOHN1 TWOHIG  He married JOHANNA COTTER. 


    Children of JOHN TWOHIG and JOHANNA COTTER are:

    2.                   i.     JEREMIAH J2 TWOHIG, b. 1847, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork; d. 12 Oct 1926.

                         ii.     WILLIAM TWOHIG, b. 10 Oct 1851, Knocknagappal, Co Cork.

                        iii.     MARY TWOHIG, b. 18 May 1854.

    3.                 iv.     DANIEL TWOHIG, b. 18 Nov 1855, Knocknagappal, Co Cork.

                         v.     MICHAEL TWOHIG, b. 12 Aug 1857.

                        vi.     JOHN TWOHIG, b. 19 Feb 1859.

                       vii.     ELLEN TWOHIG, b. 10 Feb 1861.

                      viii.     JULIA TWOHIG, b. 1863; d. 12 Apr 1918, Massachussets.

                        ix.     PATRICK TWOHIG, b. 1864.

                         x.     EDMOND TWOHIG, b. 01 May 1866, Knocknagappal, Co Cork.

    4.                 xi.     DENIS TWOHIG, b. 07 May 1868, Knocknagappal, Co Cork.

                       xii.     BARTHOLOMEW TWOHIG, b. 15 Aug 1869.

                      xiii.     SYLVESTER TWOHIG, b. 10 Jan 1871, Knocknagappal, Co Cork.



    Generation No. 2


    2.  JEREMIAH J2 TWOHIG (JOHN1) was born 1847 in Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork, and died 12 Oct 1926.  He married ELIZABETH COAKLEY 01 Mar 1881 in Rusheen Catholic Church, daughter of DANIEL COAKLEY and ANNE SHEEHAN.  She was born 04 Jan 1852 in Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork, and died 06 May 1936.


    Notes for JEREMIAH J TWOHIG:

    Jeremiah J was known as "Jerry (Johnney)*.   The Launey Valley. P152. (10) "Coakleys - Cahireen"



                          i.     JOHN3 TWOHIG, b. 24 Mar 1881, Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

                         ii.     HANNA TWOHIG, b. 1887, Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

                        iii.     MARY TWOHIG, b. 25 Feb 1889, Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

    5.                 iv.     NORA TWOHIG, b. 1893, Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

                         v.     DANIEL TWOHIG, b. 12 Jul 1891, Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork; d. 03 Jan 1935.



    3.  DANIEL2 TWOHIG (JOHN1) was born 18 Nov 1855 in Knocknagappal, Co Cork.  He married HANNA KELLEHER 26 Feb 1895 in Millstreet, Co Cork.  She was born in Carrigacooleen, Millstreet, Co Cork.


    Notes for DANIEL TWOHIG:

    Dan Twohig was married to Hannah Kelleher from Carriganimma and lived around the turn of the century. They had 8 in family .   Ref: The Launey Valley. P. 87 (7) "Healys"


    Children of DANIEL TWOHIG and HANNA KELLEHER are:

                          i.     JOHN3 TWOHIG, b. 02 Dec 1895.

    6.                  ii.     DANNIE TWOHIG, b. 01 Jun 1897.

                        iii.     HANNIE TWOHIG, b. 16 Jun 1900; m. ANDY AHERN, 19 Feb 1938, Rusheen Catholic Church; b. Clounabhrick, Co Cork.


    Notes for HANNIE TWOHIG:

    Hansie married Andy Ahern from Clounabhrick.  Ref: The Launey Valley. P. 87 (7) "Healys"


                        iv.     ANNIE TWOHIG, b. 13 Mar 1902; m. EDWARD SPILLANE, 26 Nov 1942, Douglas, Cork; b. Rathcooney, Co Cork.


    Notes for ANNIE TWOHIG:

    Anne married Spillane from Glanmire. Ref: The Launey Valley. P. 87 (7) "Healys".  Note also a detailed interview with Anne Twohig Spillane pp. 172-3., The Launey Valley


                         v.     PAT TWOHIG, b. 15 Jun 1903.

                        vi.     JEREMIAH TWOHIG, b. 26 Apr 1905.

                       vii.     TIM TWOHIG, b. 08 May 1907.

                      viii.     JAMES TWOHIG.



    4.  DENIS2 TWOHIG (JOHN1) was born 07 May 1868 in Knocknagappal, Co Cork.  He married ELLIE LUCEY 08 Feb 1900 in Ballyvourney, Co. Cork. 


    Children of DENIS TWOHIG and ELLIE LUCEY are:

                          i.     JOHN3 TWOHIG, b. 04 Jan 1901.

    7.                  ii.     DENIS TWOHIG, b. 13 Sep 1902.

                        iii.     JAMES TWOHIG, b. 05 Dec 1903, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork; m. JOAN O'SULLIVAN; b. Bawnmore, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

                        iv.     HANNA TWOHIG, b. 23 Mar 1905, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.


    Notes for HANNA TWOHIG:

    Hannie sold the Farm in Horsemount to Sean Horgan and moved to Rusheen and then moved to Batty's House in Horsemount when Batty died.  Ref: The Launey Valley. Horsemount  P87. (6) "Denis Twohig"


                         v.     WILLIAM TWOHIG, b. 17 Aug 1906, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

                        vi.     TIMOTHY TWOHIG, b. 14 Dec 1907, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.

                       vii.     SYLVESTER TWOHIG, b. 20 Jul 1909, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.



    Sylvester emigrated to America.  Ref: The Launey Valley. Horsemount  P87. (6) "Denis Twohig"


                      viii.     NED TWOHIG, b. 01 Nov 1910, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.


    Notes for NED TWOHIG:

    Ned bought McNamara's House near Jack Cotter's Horsemount.  Ned Lived in Carrigthomas, Ballinagree with his Niece Eileen Twohig. Ref: The Launey Valley. Horsemount  P87. (6) "Denis Twohig"


                        ix.     DANIEL TWOHIG, b. Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.


    Notes for DANIEL TWOHIG:

    Danny emigrated to America.  Ref: The Launey Valley. Horsemount  P87. (6) "Denis Twohig"


                         x.     BATT TWOHIG, b. 10 Aug 1916, Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.


    Notes for BATT TWOHIG:

    Batty bought Denis Creedons House above Denis Twohig's.  Ref: The Launey Valley. Horsemount  P87. (6) "Denis Twohig"



    Generation No. 3


    5.  NORA3 TWOHIG (JEREMIAH J2, JOHN1) was born 1893 in Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.  She married JOHN CRONIN 30 Jun 1932 in North Cathedral, Cork.  He was born in Lyroe, Co. Cork.


    Children of NORA TWOHIG and JOHN CRONIN are:

                          i.     NELLIE4 CRONIN, b. Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork; m. BILL TWOHIG; b. Cloyne, Co. Cork.

    8.                  ii.     BESSIE CRONIN, b. Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.



    6.  DANNIE3 TWOHIG (DANIEL2, JOHN1) was born 01 Jun 1897.  He married JULIA CREEDON.  She was born in Cllondrohid, Co. Cork.


    Notes for DANNIE TWOHIG:

     Danny married Julia Creedon from Clondrohid and lived in the home Farm.  They had one daughter, Joan. Joan married Donie Healy from Kilcorney.  There are three in family Juliet, Kevin and Noel. Ref: The Launey Valley. P. 87 (7) "Healys" 



    9.                   i.     JOAN4 TWOHIG.



    7.  DENIS3 TWOHIG (DENIS2, JOHN1) was born 13 Sep 1902.  He married KATE COAKLEY 29 Apr 1934 in Aghabulloge, Co. Cork. 


    Notes for DENIS TWOHIG:

    When I met Denis' daughter Eileen in Carrigthomas she confirmed that Denis was her father.


    Child of DENIS TWOHIG and KATE COAKLEY is:

    10.                 i.     EILEEN4 TWOHIG, b. Aghabullogue.



    Generation No. 4


    8.  BESSIE4 CRONIN (NORA3 TWOHIG, JEREMIAH J2, JOHN1) was born in Rahalisk, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.  She married JACK COTTER.  He was born in Horsemount, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.


    Children of BESSIE CRONIN and JACK COTTER are:

                          i.     LIAM5 COTTER.

                         ii.     SEAN COTTER.

                        iii.     MARGARET COTTER.

                        iv.     NOREEN COTTER.

                         v.     LIZ COTTER.

                        vi.     MICHAEL COTTER.



    9.  JOAN4 TWOHIG (DANNIE3, DANIEL2, JOHN1)  She married DONIEL HEALY.  He was born in Kilcorney, Co. Cork.


    Children of JOAN TWOHIG and DONIEL HEALY are:

                          i.     JULIET5 HEALY.

                         ii.     KEVIN HEALY.

                        iii.     NOEL HEALY.



    10.  EILEEN4 TWOHIG (DENIS3, DENIS2, JOHN1) was born in Aghabullogue.  She married JERRY COAKLEY.  He was born in Carrgthomas, Ballinagree, Co. Cork.


    Children of EILEEN TWOHIG and JERRY COAKLEY are:

                          i.     TONY5 COAKLEY.

                         ii.     DENIS COAKLEY.

                        iii.     MARY COAKLEY.







    Friday 22nd November 2019, 06:11PM
  • Is the family home in Knocknagappul near the Wedge Tomb?. I am somehow connected to this family. Trying to figue it all out. I visited with Mrs Cotter about 5 years ago, is connected to my Cronin family that emmigrated to Connecticut. I am returning there again in a few weeks, this time with more knowlegde (hopefully!)

    Kathy Kelley



    Thursday 27th February 2020, 10:43PM
  • Hi Kathy,

    Yes I believe the family homestead is in that area but I don't believe there is any settlement to view these days.  My attempt with these various Twohig families was to attempt to link them to my My Mother in Law.  She was hoping to unearth her Grandfather's Birth Place.  If you are over it would be great to meet up and compare notes or if there is some way I can help and try clarify your connection please give me any details you might have and will see what I can do.  The Twohigs in the Ballinagree area went under 4 or 5 different appendiges.  There were the "Dan" Twohigs, the "Den" Twohigs, The "Johnny" Twohigs, etc.  The Family Tree Report I have above can be viewed at from this context.  The descendents of say Denis Twohig and Daniel Twohig would have been referred to in this manner.  Good luck with your continued search and as I said if I can be of any assistance please let me know.




    Friday 28th February 2020, 05:27PM
  • I can find the property that I visited on current property maps on Landdirect.ie , and correlate to Griffiths map (FindMyPast)  https://search.findmypast.com/record?id=OR%2FGRIFF%2FMAPS%2F5105&parentid=OR%2FGRIFF%2FMAP-PLAN%2F1669028 The current homes are within a larger (7B) on Griffiths map. 

     Griffiths lists John and Jeremiah Tuohig in same townland https://www.findmypast.com/search/results?_page=9&datasetname=griffith%27s%20valuation%201847-1864&townland=knocknagappul

    I would like to attach the image but cant seem to on this post. If you contact me at kellslax@aol.com I can send you what I have.

    I believe that my connected Cronins were at Rylane Cross, married into the Twohig line and my current contact is Cotter. I have an older cousin (90's) that I need to ask a few more questions before I leave! She had visited this farm many years ago.

    The Cronin connection to me is through cousins. My great grandmother Margaret Cronin was from Aghabullogue (Derryroe), b. Apr 1863 daughter of Denis Cronin and Mary Greany. My great grandfather James B Crowley, from Dripsey,  had a sister Mary, she married a Denis Cronin that is connected to the Knocknagappul family. The Cronins get me so confused! Too many Daniel, Denis and John to follow.

    Thanks- Kathy






    Friday 28th February 2020, 06:43PM

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