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Jeremiah Sullivan of Meenygorman (a small acreage within Newmarket), Newmarket, Cork had 5 known children - Timothy, Daniel, Dennis, John, and Mary.  Just before the potato famine, Daniel, Dennis, and John immigrated to central Louisana, USA.  Dennis and John stayed in Louisiana farming cotton, while brother Daniel moved onto Indianola, Texas and began a mercantile.  Mary stayed in Ireland and married a Cotter (though some of her children immigrated to America later).  Timothy married Ellen (also of Meenygorman) and they immigrated to Canada with 2 of their 4 children during the famine.  Timothy died in the typhus epidemic of 1848 in Montreal.  The family in Ireland lost touch with Ellen and the children, so sent her remaining 2 children to live with Uncle Daniel in Texas.  One of those children, also Daniel Sullivan, learned business and banking from Uncle Daniel and went on to become the richest man in Texas in the early 1900s (so his newspaper obituary says).  Because Daniel Sullivan (Timothy's son) was so successful, the Sullivan family is well documented in/around San Antonio, Texas and contributed to many public, religious, and educational causes.  http://doorwayintothepast.blogspot.com/2013/05/today-when-you-walk-throu...

Of the other of Jeremiah's children in Louisiana - records lose touch of John (thought to have died in Louisiana unmarried), and Dennis (the poster's 3x great grandfather) raised his children in Louisiana, some of which married into very prominent families of the state.

The information about Jeremiah Sullivan, the patriarch, is very limited and is still sought after.  There is, however, a copy of a letter from Jeremiah to relations in America in a book called The Descendants of D Sullivan which can be found in a few Texas libraries and private collections, and at the Daughters of the Texas Republic Archives at the library of Texas A&M University, San Antonio.

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  • Jeramiah Sullivan is probably one of my ancestors. My Mother was Sullivan.Her grandfather came from Knockahorrea Clonfert born 1858 to Daniel Sullivan and Mary Browne. DANIEL was born in 1831 to John Sullivan and Betty Flynn.John must be born around 1800.

    John Dillane

    Thursday 19th April 2018, 03:50PM
  • I am doing a full family tree of all descendants of Jeremiah Sullivan, and I haven't found anyone from the Knockahorrea area or marrying into someone from that area.  Knockahorrea seems far enough away that it is possible that they are related in generations prior to Jeremiah, but there are A LOT of Sullivans and O'Sullivans in the very small area around Newmarket.  Your John Sullivan could have been a relation of some sort to my Jeremiah, but I think a detailed study of the Sullivan relationships in the Newmarket and surrounding areas needs to be done to get a picture of who was related to each other.  There is a Facebook group called "Sullivan/O'Sullivan Dna & Genealogy" that I would suggest you join because they are trying to pull together a master picture of Sullivans and connect people.

    MJ in Dallas

    Thursday 19th April 2018, 07:12PM