Johanna C. Hanlon

Johanna C. Hanlon

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

The photo may had been in Boston.  Jennie is standing and her friend is sitting.  

Jennie's godparents were Simon Cullen and Mary Moore.

Jennie lived in Boston for awhile before coming to visit her sister Maggie Mahoney in Chicago. Maggie's brother-in-law, Timothy Mahoney, was sent to accompany her from Boston for a visit to Chicago. When Tim,who was a conductor at the time, agreed to accompany her from Boston to Chicago. Cupid struck his bow on the ride West.  She returned to Boston, but then came back to Chicago to be married.

On the 1900 census, she and her daughters were living in Thornton, Cook Co., Illinois.  Jennie ran or owned a boarding house where railroad men rented rooms.  For some reason, she stated she was born in Massachusetts on the 1900 census and in America on the 1910 census.  On the 1930 census, her immigration date was listed as 1869, and on the 1920 census, her immigration date was listed as 1870.

Jennie's granddaughter does not remember too much about her great grandmother, except that she had the most beautiful blue eyes.  Niece, Pat Mahoney Durkin remembers her pierced diamond earrings, and her scrumptious homemade bread.  She ran a grocery store and lived in the back.  The milk man's horse used to climb the steps of her store so that she would give him an ice-cream cone.  She was not making enough money to live, so she left.

Her granddaughter, Jeanne Duffy Gaynor wrote, "[Jack and I] went to Ireland several years ago and the one thing I was going to do was stop in at my grandmother's church (Cathedral of the Assumption) - but we had so much fun on the west coast that we never did get to the area around Dublin (North East of Carlow).  The next time we go there that will be the Number 1 priority. Sadly, Jeanne died before she had a chance to visit Ireland again.

Possible immigration records:
Name:    Johanna Hanlan
Arrival Date:    1 Oct 1883
Estimated Birth Year:    1861
Age:    22
Gender:    Female
Port of Departure:    Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland
Destination:    United States of America
Place of Origin:    Ireland
Ship Name:    Celtic
Port of Arrival:    New York
Line:    11
Microfilm Roll:    471
List Number:    1254
Name:    Johana Hanlon
Arrival Date:    4 Jun 1886
Estimated Birth Year:    1862
Age:    24

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