John Behan 1913

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John Behan was born in New York of Irish parents. His parents were Jane {McCoy} Behan 1880 to 1939 and Thomas Behan who died in 1961. Jane was born in Ardee County Louth Ireland to Bernard McCoy and Catherine Matthews. John Behan's siblings were Mary Behan 1909 to 1910, Catherine 1911 to 1996,Anna 1914 to 1991,Thomas 1917 to 2010 and Nicholas 1922 to 1978. All were born in New York. John Behan fought in WWII and was killed in action on 10th Feb.1944 in Sicily. He is buried in the American Cemetry Nettuno Italy.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1913  
Date of Death 1st Feb 1944  

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