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Date of Birth Aug 1809  


  • I am descended from John Bent, born 1809 in County Wexford. He was my 3rd great-grandfather. I am wondering about the source of this image and the certainty that it is Bent? I would also love to know if any other pictures of his family exist. 


    If anyone is interested in this family, I do have much more information about their line after they emigrated to the U.S. 




    Leslie Kelly



    Thursday 4th March 2021, 10:13PM
  • The John Bent (1809) was married to Elizabeth Morgan (1807-1871)
    they had 3 daughters - Margaret (1835), Ann (1846) and my Great Aunt Martha (848 - 1911)
    John was one of the first 50 Metropolitan Police Officers for the city of London, (this is where the photo comes from)
    Are we on the same line.

    Ged Gray


    Friday 5th March 2021, 10:13AM
  • Thank you so much for responding! No, it apparently is not the same John Bent. My ancestor was also John Bent born in County Wexford in 1809. He was married to a woman named Bridget Maguire (1809-1871). They emigrated to the U.S. in 1849 but while on board the ship, John got Typhoid. He died on March 13, 1849 at the Deer Island quarantine center off the coast of Boston without ever setting foot on the mainland. Such a sad story! I am descended from their son James Long Bent, who was the father of Eleanor Bent, who married John Somers Smith, whose son Cyrene Smith was my grandfather. 

    So many stories...I love learning so much about the past! How thrilling for you to have a picture of your ancestor! I only have one going as far back as Nellie, who was my great-grandmother. 


    Best of luck on your searching! Are you on Ancestry.com? I would be happy to share my tree if you want to keep in touch since we both have Bent family from County Wexford!




    Friday 5th March 2021, 06:44PM
  • Leslie

    can not be that many Bent's at that time so we are probably connected somewhere along the line,

    yes I am on Ancestry and AncestryDNA 

    look up Gerald Vincent David Gray.








    Friday 5th March 2021, 07:41PM

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