My Grandfather, John Byrne was born in Carrickmacross, Co.Monaghan in 1885, the youngest of 7 children.

His older brother, Patrick and sisters Margaret and Bridget had already emigrated to New York by 1910.

My grandfather had married Bridget Mee in 1906/1907 and had 3 boys. My Father Peter 1908, Patrick Joseph 1909 and Gerald on the 2nd of July 1910. On the 19th of July 1910 his mother Bridget, my Grandmother died. John was a widower at 24 with 3 children, so he too decided to emigrate to New York to join his siblings. So on the 29 Nov.1910 he boarded the S.S.Cedric from Liverpool, leaving his 2 younger children in the care of his own mother, Rose and 2 sisters. My Father, Peter was taken care of by his mothers parents, Peter and Bridget Mee.

In the US, John went to live with one of his sisters Margaret who lived in Orchard St. Long island. After his own mother died in Carrickmmacross in 1912 he sent for his children and 2 remaining sisters to come to New York. Sadly my father Peter was not allowed to travel by his maternal grandparents. On the 31 st Oct.1913 Patrick Joseph and Gerald boarded the S.S.Lusatania along with their aunts Kate and Elizebeth Byrne. They all went to live in Orchard st with their Father John.

My Father Peter, never got to meet either his Father John or his brothers Patrick or Gerald ever again. But one of my own brothers, Peter John emigrated to new York in 1957 and lived for a time with our Grandfather John. My Grandfather John died in New York in 1962 and my Father died in Ireland in 1964. So sad. We still have contact with some of the Byrne clan over in New York and we are currently compiling a Family tree. So we are looking forward to having a family re-union soon either in New York or Ireland.  

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Date of Birth 1885  
Date of Death 1962  

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