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My maternal 4th great-grandfather was John Cahill from Ireland. We estimate he was born 1750 - 1760, but actual birthdate and birthplace in Ireland is unknown. At some point in the late 1700s he came to America. The first documented reference to him was when he and a George Hairston were contracted in 1775 to paint the county courthouse in Henry County, Virginia.


In 1789 he married Dianah Garner in Reed Creek, Virginia. They had 10 children, in the following order from oldest to youngest:   Nancy; Edward Peregrine (Perry); Thomas; John; Susannah; Mary E.  (Polly); Nathaniel; M. Diana; Maria; and Sallie.


He died 1 April 1817 in Reed Creek, Virginia.


We have not been able to find any other information on John Cahill prior to 1775.


My mother and I have uploaded our DNA results to Gedmatch,, My Heritage, My Family, etc.. We seem to have matches in County Roscommon, and I am told the 1749 Elphin Census suggests limiting my search for Cahills to the following parishes:  Baslick, Drumcliff, Fuerty, Kilkeevin, Kilcooley, Kilbride, Tibohine, and Termonbarry.


We are hoping to connect with descendants of John Cahill to learn more about him and his family. Would love to hear from anyone with suggestions or information on the Cahill family.


Thank you.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1760 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Apr 1817


  • Hi, Unsure If you'll ever see this,
    I am a 7th generation descendant of John's with the Cahill name living in UK/ Scotland.
    John and our branch of the Cahill's originate from Tipperary county in Ireland, and he moved to America.
    However I have found conflicting dates as to his birth and when he moved over etc. 


    Sunday 13th March 2022 11:39AM
  • Hi. I’d love to hear more! Do you know if he had other family who also came to America? I seem to match other Cahill’s from different lines here in America, but I don’t know how they connect to our John Cahill. 

    Have you done DNA testing? I’d love to see if we are a match. I’m sure it would be low since we are 7th generation, but could help confirm our connection. I have my DNA results in ancestry and Gedmatch. Would you happen to be in those databases as well? Would love to connect with you to try to solve our mystery. 





    Sunday 13th March 2022 05:44PM
  • Do you have a family tree you can share? Thank you!  Denise




    Monday 14th March 2022 05:11AM
  • Hi Sorry,
    This was lost in my spam filter! 
    I have ordered a DNA Test from to arrive soon, happy to connect and share results when they arrive from there.
    However this all may be complicated by the fact that John Cahill actually had another child prior to leaving Ireland, or whilst coming back, from whom my side of the family descends. However, even my branch born to Thomas Cahill (John'1st son) eventually emigrated to America when they were older, leaving the younger siblings with their older ones.

    Feel free to give me an email on if you want to discuss further, and I can share my family tree. 
    Have you ever used, it can have some inaccuracies but is a great tool, and has some information about John that may be useful.
    John was quite a wealthy man, I believe he won land for fighting in the revolutionary war, I also have seen written evidence about how Diana nee. Garner was the wealthiest woman in Henry County, and for an Catholic Irishman such as John this would've been extremely rare, he must've been handsome...

    All the best

    Michael Cahill


    Thursday 14th April 2022 11:28PM

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