John Cluin 1815

John Cluin 1815

Place of migration:
Migrated to /Born in Canada

John CLUIN  was the son of Michael CLUIN ( Clune )and Bridget KANE. He immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the early 1840's with his mother  and siblings . Michael  Cluin his father was a farmer in County Clare, Ireland and appears to have died in Ireland. The first mention of the Cluins in Canada  was  June  1844  when his sister Mary ( married to  robert Brady in Ireland) had a still born baby. All the others  died in Quebec, Canada where they lay their new roots. Why did they leave Clare, Ireland?

John was married to  Margaret  GREALY  ( also from county Clare, Ireland) daughter to Luke. GREALEY  and Margaret McGrath . They married  on May 1, 1849 in Montreal Quebec, Canada and would have 9 children. I am unsure if they  knew each other in Clare, Ireland .

John worked  as a pipe-layer  for the  Montreal waterworks company  during the 1850's thru to 1890's . He  died at  87 years old. 

I would like to know who were the Cluin family ancestors living in Clare, Ireland? They are a dying line on my family tree. There are  no Cluins left in Canada now yet there is Cluin Blood running through my veins. So I would like to go back in time and discover life and other members of the cluin family in Ireland .


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jul 1815 (circa)  
Date of Death 1st Feb 1903  


  • Hi again:

    I replied to your Chronicle about Bridget Kane.  The surname Brady was more common in East Clare.  Do you have any furhter informatio about Robert Brady and Mary Clune Brady such as a date of marriage or other children?  Did they remain in Ireland or did they emigrate to Canada?  Let me know and I will try to help.  

    I have Clunes in my own family so I'm interested in knowing more about your Clune/Cluin ancestors.

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 23rd July 2020, 12:11PM
  • Yes ,  From what I know  All my Clunes  just packed up and immigrated to Canada  from Clare  Ireland .So I know alot of information about  the canadian  CLUIN family  --and almost nothing about  the life that they left behind. Which is what I am looking for ...

      Now. Mary  Clune  Brady  was born around 1825 in county Clare- and she married robert  Brady  ( sometimes he signed his name as BREADY) He worked as a shoemaker .I believe they were  married  in Ireland  and I don't think that they had  other children before  coming to Canada . I believe that they were married  around 1843 -she would of been around 18 years old . she died young only 32 years old. cause unknown . her first born in Canada  was stillborn boy in June 1844. she would have  a total of  5  children before her death in 1857. all  died  at a young age all born in Canada .

      robert Brady would  re-marry  to a catherine McKeegan   and have 3 more children. All his children would die  before his death in 1873 -from both marriages .so sad. 


    if you need more info let me know... 

    ps. just wondering  where  are you living  and who were your  Clune connections . I live in Montreal - and I know of another  set of Clunes in Montreal --but could never  connect them to my. branch  of ClUINS

      thank you so much for trying to help me --i really appreciate it -- if there is something that i can do from  Canada side - i will be happy to try.

      happy journey 


    CLUIN MCALEAR ancestors in Ireland

    Thursday 23rd July 2020, 05:25PM

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