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Date of Birth 22nd Oct 1874  
Date of Death 11th Oct 1951  


  • When we were in Ireland we went to Sligo. Is this the same person as Bishop Conmy?


    Thursday 19th July 2018, 06:18PM
  • No! This was my grandfather, decidedly NOT a bishop. That John Conmy (1843-1911) was from a different family. According to Ancestry, his parents were Thomas Conmy and Bridget Walsh of Corballa, Castleconner Parish, Sligo. MY John Conmy (1874-1951) was from Culleens, Kilglass Parish, Sligo. His parents, however, were BOTH Conmys adding to the confusion. Martin was from Cartron, further up the road toward Sligo Town. His wife, Mary nee Conmy, was from Cloonislaun, (outside of Ballina) Kilmoremoy Parish. Ironically perhaps, Bishop Conmy was confirmed in the same cathedral, St. Muredoch's Ballina, where my ggparents were married.  

    That part of Mayo/Sligo is thick with Conmys (with a variety of spellings), and I have had quite a time sorting out which were "mine." Do you have family connection to Conmys? Would love to hear.



    Thursday 19th July 2018, 06:54PM
  • Yes, I married Mary Conmy-now Adam's. We spent 3.5 wks in Ireland 2 yes ago and had an absolute wonderful time. I also had run into Conmy that as far as we know was not related to Mary & must be on your side of the clan. I also have relatives from Ireland, but the problem I'm finding is the variation of spellings of last name: Melarvie is the US version. They are from Longford but I had no luck contacting any of those w/name variations. We did hear bk from Conmy's both related and some, more than likely thinking some crazy Yank was babbling nonsense. I wish I could remember the name of the Conmy whom is/as a chef-cook on the far west coast of Ireland. I had sent he & some others emails. 1 of Mary Clan was li ing in Lindon & we were trying to get to see him but that never panned out. Do you have any blood ties to 'my' Conmys? We spent 3 days in the Sligo area and we are planning  a return trip. Another self drive around the island. If you have time could you give me a list of places to see, things to do etc which tourists usually DO NOT do? We had such a great time and did venture in-land to look around; was a great adventure; by the looks & various other things- I'm guessing not too many tourist get into the inner part of Ireland. However, we went to Mass & Father Ray Kelly was giving the service +it was a retirement (50yrs) for 1 of the protests whom was retiring. Father Ray has an amazing set of pipes on him & sang 4 times while this protestant sat for mass. We ended up speaking w/him for 30 mins. Then all the locals were treating us like family. Thank you for responding & I look forward to hearing bk from you. If you get a chance to let me know of places & things tourist normally dont do while visiting, I'd appreciate it! Thanks & i look forward to hearing back from you, jon adams-Bismarck, North Dakota USA


    Monday 13th August 2018, 09:11AM
  • Just for our information Jon, Fr Ray Kelly was on Britain's got Talent earlier this year.

    You can see his performance here:

    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Monday 13th August 2018, 09:16AM
  • Jon, is your wife Mary Conmy also from North Dakota? I know there is a Conmy family that settled there although I have not made a connection to my particular branch, although I THINK there is a connection to the Bishop John Conmy you mentioned earlier. If so, this family came from around Castleconnor Parish, between Ballina and Sligo Town. I have 2 Conmy branches, as my grandfather's parents were BOTH named Conmy. His father came from  Kilglass parish in Sligo. They were living around Culleens, Meenaun, and Rathmacurky. (I, too, met some cousins in that area when visiting there in 2005, although I seem to have lost contact with them). His mother came from Kilmoremoy Parish, living near Ballina, Cloonislaun and Ardnaree.As I said, the Conmys are thick on the ground in that part of Ireland and it's hard to know who's who.

    I've been 3 times to Ireland. First time was in 1990 when my husband's family in Waterford had a family reunion. (My father-in-law was the middle of 15, half of whom still live in Ireland) We spent a week with them, then set out on our own to tour around. The focus of that trip, beyond the reunion, seemed to be Ancient Ireland, as I didn't yet know much about where my ancestors had lived. We stopped at a lot of prehistoric sites, including Maeve's Tomb in Sligo, Grainan of Aileach in Donegal, and  Newgrange down by Dublin.  Other highlights: visiting the Museum of Country Life near Castlebar, Mayo, driving the Ring of Kerry, and an unforgettable salmon dinner at The Meeting of the Waters in Avoca, Wicklow.  Oh! and on our very first day, we went to Craggaunowen  where we saw the leather boat Tim Severin made to recreate the voyage of St. Brendan [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craggaunowen] , Also went to another open air museum in Wexford. We pretty much stayed around the coastal areas of the country so I cannot tell you anything about the central portion. You will have to research your Longford ancestors.

    By the 2nd trip in 2005, I had done my homework beforehand, and found where my Conmys had farmed. so we went to the exact place my grandfather was born in Meenaun, and then later went to the Records Office in Dublin to get a copy of the Valuation Map showing exactly where it was on the map. You can find these things online, but at the Records Office, they pulled out the original which was drawn on a piece of canvas about 2' x 3'--HUGE! they slapped it on the copy machine and I carried that the rest of the trip, my treasure. I want to have the documentation to prove these are really "my people!" Fortunately, many of the Irish records (church and civil) are now searchable online. They really want us to find our roots, and make it possible without charging and arm & leg. I appreciate that.

    When my daughter & I went in 2015, we rented a self-catering cottage SW of Louisburgh, Mayo. We were investigating my grandmother's relatives that trip, but did get up to Ballina where we were fortunate enough to locate parish records at St. Muredoch's Cathedral where my  grandfather's parents were married.  I loved that fact we had a home base and could do day trips from there. Usually when traveling with my husband, it is one day here, next day somewhere else. Lots of packing and unpacking. Ireland is relatively small and so day trips are do-able.  Anyway, having your own vehicle gives you a lot of flexibilty, although that driving on the other side of the road takes some getting used to! 

    Hope this has helped. I sure had fun remembering!




    Monday 13th August 2018, 03:48PM
  • Rosemary, sorry for the lapse in time to get bk to you. Yes, my Mary and family live in Bismarck (west central ND). Conmy family started in very north east corner of ND, Red River Valley. My father in law, Pat is the son of James Conmy who was the son of Walsh Conmy. There are relatives in ND, Wisconsin, California. Other relatives I have not met are living in the Eastern part of the country. Would love to catch up to see if some of the uncertain info could be made more certain. If you'do like you can contact me at jonadams001@gmail.com  I promise to respond much quicker, thank you jon adams- husband of Mary Ellen Conmy


    Monday 30th December 2019, 05:41PM

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