John Dominic Wiley 1804

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John Wiley was born around 1804 -1808 in County Antrim and died on June 29th 1891 and is buried in St. Eugène Ontario Canada. He married Sarah Hughes who was born around 1810 in Belfast county Antrim and died August 27th, 1894 in Buckingham, Quebec and is buried in St. Eugène. On December 29, 1832 John married Sarah Hughes in the Roman Catholic Church in Randalstown. On the church Marriage Record it gives their address as Ballygrooby. They had 2 children born in Ireland Sarah Elizabeth February 3rd 1834 and James July 29th 1835 Sponsors for James where Daniel McCauley and Elizabeth O’Neill Baptism records for both show that they still lived in Ballgrooby.They then came to Canada sometime between August 1835 and September 1837. Records show that their 3rd child Mary was born in Prescott Township on September 9th, 1837 and died on July 15th, 1917 in Ottawa, Ontario and buried in Montebello Quebec with her husband Hugh Cassidy. John’s parents could be

Nathaniel Willie and Elizabeth Miller.

In Canada, his name was spelled: Wiley, Willie, Wylia and is now Wylie

Although the records from Ireland indicate he was RC at age 56 he was baptized in the RC church in St-Eugène I am hoping to find his siblings

I am also looking for information regarding Sarah’s parents/siblings

Her Parents could be Tally Hughes and Ellen Corgan

Any info will be very much appreciated

Lawrence John Wylie

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Sep 1804  
Date of Death 29th Jun 1881  

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