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John Doyle born ~1770 in county Kilkenny, married ~1800 to Ellen Shea (Shee) in county Kilkenny.  Came to New Brunswick, Canada in 1831 with his wife, his two youngest sons, Richard (baptised in Gowran, Kilkenny in April 1809) and Nicholas (baptised June 1814 in Gowran, Kilkenny) and only daughter, Margaret (bapised September 1811 in Gowran, Kilkenny).  His three older sons had already emigrated - Patrick (my great great grandfather) in 1821; Michael and John in 1825. They all lived in Jacquet River (now called Belledune), New Brunswick, Canada except Margaret who married Roderick McNeil and lived on the Gaspe coast in Quebec. This Doyle family were in some way related to the O'Shea family from Knockroe, Kilkenny and also to the Doyle family in Clashwilliam, Kilkenny and the Nolan (Nowlan) family in Earlsbog, Kilkenny (which no longer exists - the new motorway being built right through it!!). 

If anyone knows of any connection from before 1800, please get in touch.

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1770 (circa)  
Date of Death 1st Jan 1858 (circa)  
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    My 4 x great grandfather was Maurice Doyle born abt 1770 in Carlow, unfortunately I don't know who Maurice's parents were. He married Mary Thornton in 1791 in New Ross and had 6 children, one of whom was my 3 x great grandmother Catherine Doyle who married Laurence Murphy in 1826. After Laurence's death, Mary brought her children to Australia to join her eldest son.

    I am wondering if you may have any connection to Maurice Doyle I your family tree. It's a line I have not yet followed.



    Western Australia 


    Friday 3rd July 2020, 12:31AM
  • HI Jenwin19 - I was just looking at your entry about Catherine Doyle.  Maurice isn't a name in our family but there is a Maurice Doyle who emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in the early 1800s and we have never been able to find a connection to my John Doyle.  Maurice married Katherine Walsh in New Brunswick - she was from Kilkenny.  I'm trying to remember the email address of the descendant of Maurice and Katherine who lives in Campbellton, New Brunswick now and has a website - I think it's - her name is Irene Doyle so if you search under that, you'll probably find it.  I was sorry to read that your Catherine Doyle wasn't a daughter of my John Doyle as I just found out that my great-great grandfather, Patrick had a sister called Catherine - she didn't come to Canada with the rest of the family so I tried to find out what happened to her but no luck.  I found a few marriages but they don't seem to 'fit'.  Good luck in in your seach!


    Friday 3rd July 2020, 10:32AM
  • Hi Carole,

    Thank you so much for your email, it was very interesting, especially about New Brunswick as I have quite a few DNA matches to people in New Brunswick but to the best of my knowledge they come from my County Donegal line of Scott & Long families not my Kilkenny line. 

    I will look deeper into it and follow your suggestions.

    Warm regards


    Perth, Western Australia 


    Friday 3rd July 2020, 12:51PM
  • Hi Jen - that's interesting about your Scott and Long matches in New Brunswick!  I doubt if many people in northern New Brunswick have had their DNA done.  Did you have yours done on Ancestry?  I'm thinking lately I should do it!  I had a distant cousin and a nephew do the Y chromosome on FamilyTreeDNA becasue we were trying to confirm that the Doyle who settled in Jacquet River (now called Belledune) in 1790 was related to our great great grandfather who came to Jacquet River in 1821......or maybe I should say was descended from the same Doyle.  On my mother's side, my great great grandmother was Ellen Murphy and I don't know where she came from in Ireland - her father was William Murphy and her mother was Catherine but I can't make out her surname in their marriage record - some have suggested Cafferty but ......who knows????  Did you have any Murphy DNA matches in New Brunswick?  Just checked and that website is still online - - you could ask Irene if she's had her DNA done.  All the best, Carole


    Saturday 4th July 2020, 09:28AM
  • Hi Carole,

    I have just had a quick look at my DNA matches & while there are about a half dozen Murphy matches to New Brunswick, Canada they don't appear to be from Kilkenny, Ireland where my Murphys come from but I don't recognise any of the other names in the trees. I probably have more than 20 trees in my DNA matches who have ancestors who relate to New Brunswick and the matches seem relatively high considering how far back they go, 20cm+ which is higher than some of my 3rd cousins who I know here in Western Australia.

     I did an Ancestry test a few years ago and then recently uploaded it to MyHeritage but I don't keep as good records or complete trees on MyHeritage, I mainly use it for printing charts. I have all my trees on Ancestry. Another site I use for my Irish side is Roots Ireland where I find a lot of births and marriages. 

    Happy hunting




    Sunday 5th July 2020, 03:02AM
  • Hi again Jen - can I tell you who all my ancestors are from Kilkenny?  And if any names seem familiar never know!!!  On my father's side, John Doyle married Ellen Shea (Shee) circa 1800 and had six children.  All came to New Brunswick, except Catherine - my gggrandfather, Patrick married Bridget Daly in Bathurst, NB shortly after she arrived but I have never been able to find out where she was from - I suspect Kilkenny; the youngest son, Nicholas married twice - the first time to Joanne/Ann Fitzgerald who I also suspect may have been from Kilkenny, their daughter, Margaret married a Scottish man and lived on the Gaspe coast in Quebec.  The other three sons married 'local' girls!  Patrick and Bridget's oldest son's godmother was Genevieve Rafter - she was the daughter of Thomas Rafter who was from Kilkenny.  Genevieve was married to John Shea who, I suspect was a brother of Ellen????  Have you come across the surname Brass in Kilkenny?  On my mother's side I have great great grandfather, Maurice Sheehan who was from Kilkenny - his parents were James Sheehan and Bridget Grace - I suspect they were from the Ballyragget/Rathbeagh area.  Maurice came to Nova Scotia as a young man (to work in the coal mines?) and married a Scottish lady (her name is on ancestry incorrectly as Pitre but she was a Petrie!!!  Their daughter married James Shea - his mother was Ellen Murphy.  I don't know why Maurice and Mary Ann moved up to northern New Brunswick from Cape Breton, NS - I can only think he knew, or was related to people up there.  They were the only Sheehan family 'around home' and none are left now as the oldest son moved to the US and the youngest never married. So, I have lots of connections to Kilkenny but the only ones I can trace are my Doyle ancestors.  Oh yes, a relative of John Doyle was Thomas Doyle who was married to Grace Dunphy.  Their daughter married Kyran Nowlan (now Nolan) and they lived in Kilkenny until 1868 so they were easy to trace!  OK, that's it for now - just hope you can contact me if any of these name are in your family tree?  Isn't this the best hobby?

    All the best,



    Sunday 5th July 2020, 09:49AM

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