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John Duffy Snr 1801–1881 Birthdate varies from 1801 to 1803 on census.

He was my 4th great-grandfather John Duffy was born about 1801- 1803 He gives place of birth as Tomboholla but all his children were born in Aghamore Mayo,

He married Harriet - in ireland around mid or late1820's to 1833 when first child recorded born. His wife was Harriet no surname and could probably be his second wife
Also he possibly had a half sister Bridget born 1821 when he was 10. He also had staying with him in Hull Yorkshire a brother named Martin Duffy who only gives Ireland as place of birth born 1831-1927 died hull Yorkshire.

Possibly or another sister named Catherine born in 1821 shown on census as neighbour in Mill st Hull Yorkshire

JOHN & HARRIET LIST seven children in 13 years However Mary born 1833 never shows up at all not even as a visitor in uk census so she either dies or I hope married & remained in Ireland or emigrated Hope it is latter.

When John died in late after census in about 1881 or 1882 in Hull, Yorkshire, having lived a long life he would have been aged about 80.


John Duffy or Duffey in 1871 census is down as resident in Holy Trinity area of hull Yorkshire, England;

Residence: 1861 • Hull Holy Trinity, Yorkshire, England;

Residence: 1881 • Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England 1803

Aghamore, Mayo, Ireland says on uk census in 1813 Birth of Half-Sister Bridget was born in 1813 when John was 10 years old.
Around 1830 years was Marriage John Duffy married Harriet ? - Irish records cant find

uk census 1861 1871 1881 Say Harriet born 1805/6 Aghamore Co Mayo Eire Died 1889 in Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire England

All born in Aghamore
1833 Birth of 1st Daughter Mary in Aghamore, Mayo

1836 Birth of 2nd and my 3 x grt grandmother Margaret Died 1889 in Goole or Hull Yorkshire

1839 Birth of 3rd Daughter Hannah possibly (Honor) was born in Aghamore, Mayo.

1840 Birth of 4th Daughter Ellen born in Aghamore Mayo Ireland.

1841 Birth of 5th Daughter Catherine was born in 1841 or 1842 in Aghamore. Co Mayo Ireland Died 1926 Hull Yorkshire England

1843 or 1844 First Male Birth of Son His son John was born in Aghamore, Mayo. DIED 1886 Hull Yorkshire England

1846 Birth of last Son Patrick born in 1845 or 1846 in Aghamore, Mayo. Patrick Duffy He Died in 1918 Never married Played professional rugby in Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire England

John Duffy first appears on uk Census 1861 in Hull, Yorkshire, although his daughter Margaret Duffy marries Walter Lowery in Hull Yorkshire in 1854 so its possible they all moved to England from 1852

These are census info details

JOHN DUFFY or DUFFEY Head 1861 • Hull Holy Trinity, (holy trinity was a church n also a district of Hull Yorkshire, England)

1871 John Duffy Head; resident in Hull Yorkshire 1871 in Holy Trinity district Hull Yorkshire, England

1881 John Duffy Head resident in Hull, Yorkshire, at 2 leaks court, mill street.

MILL STREET very irish area Many irish families & irish borders lived there around 1850's to about 1920's

John Duffy died about 1881 in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England but grave hard to find Possibly in a multiple family grave sight in Hull

Spouse of John is: Harriet Duffy no birth surname is given but Harriet states birth place Aghamore while John states Tomboholla Mayo Ireland

John's occupation is given as Labourer & also welder when living at 2 Leaks Court, Mill Street Hull.

There is no record of John or Harriet ever returning to Ireland

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1801 (circa)  
Date of Death 1881  




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