John Dugan 1814

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John Dugan was born 1814 Lecarrow (Leharrow). His parents were Patrick Dugan and Mary Cassidy. In 1833 John was convicted with 8 others at Mayo Summer Assizes of unlawful oath, and sentenced to 14 years transportation to New South Wales. He arrived in Sydney on the Parmelia(2) in 1834. His fellow prisoners were Macus (Manus) McDonell, Edward and Thomas McNally, Bernard McCormack, John/Patrick Cavenagh, Thomas McEella (McAneela), David Kelly and Patrick Joyce. John was a netmaker, assigned to J R Wilshire of the Glenmore Tannery in Paddington Sydney and became a tanner. He married Mary Bowen of Glasheen Cork, a free emigrant. They had three children: James Michael, John Daniel and Mary Anne (Sister May Baptist). John Dugan died on 5 February 1873.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1814 (circa)  
Date of Death 15th Feb 1873  

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