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The 1841 Census records John Duignan (Degnan) living in House 1 Drumcoghill Lower with his mother, Elinor, two younger siblings, James and Mary Ann, and his step-father, James Bigger.  The census further records John as being 23 at the time and his profession was a land surveyor, as was the professin of his step-father. 

John married Jane Leahy (b.1826 Ballymachugh, Cavan) Drumlumman South, Cavan, on 15 June 1846.  John and Jane had 3 sons, John Joseph (b.1847), James (b/d.1848), and James Henry (b.1849) within the parish of Killeshandra, before emigrating to South Australia in 1850.

Some years later, after John has passed away, Jane drafted a probate letter where she recorded her late husband as being from Cornafean (unsure at what stage of John's life this referred).

John and Jane remained with South Australia, ultimately bearing 11 children in 19 years. John died on February 11, 1866, in Adelaide, South Australia, at the age of 48.

I am John and Jane's great-great grandson, living with my family in Australia.  I have uncovered many of Jane's ancestors, but would love to uncover the identity of John's biological father that married Elinor (maiden name unknown) in 1816 and presumably died between 1824 - 1829.

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1818 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 11th Feb 1866
Associated Building (s) House 1 Drumcoghill Lower, Killashandra, Tullyhunco, Cavan, Ireland  


  • Some years later, after John had died, Jane wrote a probate letter. In it, she said that her late husband was from Cornafean, though she didn't say when this was. 

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    Tuesday 23rd August 2022 02:55AM
  • Thanks for your input "properillegal" :-).   I came across Jane's, presumably draft, probate letter on and it was invaluable in building out my Duignan family tree in the early days of my research.

    As Cornafean is immediately next to Drumcoghill Lower, I am unsure whether Jane was referring to the same home in which John was living at the time of the 1841 census, whether it was a nearby house where John and Jane moved upon their marriage, or even if it was the home in which John was born (and before his mother was re-married to John Bigger.

    How is it you are aware of Jane's probate letter?



    Wednesday 24th August 2022 02:43AM

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