John Fennell Magrath or McGrath 1840

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John Fennell Magrath gave my g-gpa's (William Magrath) address on marriage in 1864 - 72 Capel St, Dublin.  William's father was William Christopher, and John's father was John.  I want to know anything more about John Fennell Magrath as it may help me know more about my family.  What I know:

John Fennell Magrath married 13.5.1864 Mary Ellen Ryan ( He gave his address as 72 Capel St (my g-gpa Wm Magrath's address) & she gave 99 Lower Dorset St. His occupation is recorded as Solicitor (but in later records it's given as Law Student and Law Clerk (this last same as Wm's).  His parents were John & Catherine, Limerick & her parents Francis (deceased) & Florinda Ryan.

They had children - 4.11.1864 Eva Mary (20 Bessborough Ave, Dublin); 8.3.1867 Male, (Eglinton Cottage, Dublin); 23.10.1868 Bertha (Kincora Cottage, Dollymount/99 Lower Dorset as per birth/baptism record) - she possibly died 1874 (Glasnevin Cemetary vol 12-345); bap 15.5.1870 Gerald Henry (62 Irishtwon Rd, Dublin).  An Eva Magrath appears in the 1901 Dublin Census as a hospital nurse. No other signs of the family after 1870.

The 1833 Kings Inn Admission Papers show a John Fennell Magrath admitted (over 16).  He seems to have been the son of John Magrath, Nenagh merchant & Helen Fennell.  These two married at St Audoen's RC Church, Dublin 1809, and their son would have been born around 1817.  There are references 1842 & 1846 to John Fennell Magrath's memberships of the Nenagh mason's lodge, and the Freeman's Journal for 1847 refers to JFM of Blessington St, Dublin 'to take Matthew, son of Patrick of Nenagh', presumably as an apprentice.  In 1851, there's a reference John F. Magrath, Solicitor, Richmond Row, Ormond Lower, Nenagh, Tipperary, which gives the impression that my John Fennell Magrath was the son of a John Fennell Magrath Snr.  Thoms for 1862 givesJohn Fennell Magrath, Denzille St & Nenagh. Attorney. P975.  In 1879 there is a record for the death of a John Fennell Magrath aged 66, with probate to widow Henrietta

Did this John Fennell Magrath Snr marry twice (my original JFM gave his parents as John and Catherine, not Henrietta)?  What relation are these 2 John Fennell Magraths to Wm Magrath snr and jnr?  What happened to John Fennell junior and his family?  Answers with sooo much potential to help me from a bit of a long-time family history research block!

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Date of Birth 1840 (circa)  

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