John Francis McMorrough-Kavanagh 1854

John Francis McMorrough-Kavanagh 1854

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

I am searching all of Carlow and elsewhere for any information on John Francis McMorough, I have very little information to go on. I am still worling on the briack wall, his mother may habe been Susan and he might have had 2 brothers. He married Mary Jane Ellis in NYC and they had 6 children and one was adopted. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1854  
Date of Death 1900  
Number of Children 6  




  •  Hi   I don’t have anything particular on John  but McMurrough Kavanagh is quiet a unique name in Ireland. I think they all come from Borris. There is an excellent article about Arthur a highly successful man and a lot of detail on his records.

    Turtle Bunberry a historian of Kilkenny and Carlow has done some research on Borris House and McMurrough Kavanaghs you could look at some of his sources too.

    It’s not an answer but it will certainly give you some connections to his name. I will look to see if Borris House has a collection of records and how to access them.

    Best of luck 



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    Thursday 10th September 2020, 09:07PM
  • HI 

    Thank you for the info, all my research on this side points to them, however I was unsure if all the families were related. I tried to find Borris when I was there in 1991 and missed it for some reason. :) You know those Irish roads and lack of signs etc I missed the turn.  I heard the records were avaible online, I tired to find them, however I think it is only available in Ireland at the national archives. I was supposed to come back this past spring then the virus hit. I am hoping for 2021.  I have looked at some of Arthurs hertiage before although I didnt find any connections. I am still a begginner and should look again. I appreciate any help. I look forward to hearing from you. My maternal Irish side is one giant brick wall. Even DNA has yet to help from the ones I have checked. 




    Thursday 10th September 2020, 11:27PM

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