John Griffin 1826

John Griffin 1826

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John Griffin born in  1826 in Teeranea (Gorumna Island), Killannin parish in County Galway.

Emigrated to Manchester on or abouts 1847 and lived as a carpenter before sailing to NYC in 1857. 

Served in the NY regiment (Dutchess county) during the civil war from 1863-1865 and married Mary Timmons of Clifton Ireland in Otsego NY in 1865. 

After working for the railroads and living in Amboy Illinois, bought a farm near his brother Thomas near Gowrie Iowa in 1877 and successfully farmed and raised a family there before retiring to Des Moines about 1918.  Several Timmons and Griffins had farms in the surrounding area in Iowa.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1826  
Date of Death 1918  


  • John Griffin is my great grandfather. Much of this information is new to me, such as birth locations of both John and Mary. Also that John had a brother (Thomas) living near him.


    Tuesday 21st January 2020, 03:31PM

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