John H Keane 1863

John H Keane 1863

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John H Keane was baptized on June 11, 1863 at St. Fanahan’s Catholic Church in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland, to Michael Keane and Mary Hogan. 

From what I’ve been able to find out so far he had .at least four siblings, Mary Elizabeth (1848), James (1850), Michael (1853) and Ellen (1861). The problem is I also found a Michael Keane and Mary Hogan who were married in 1857, so it’s possible either there were two marriages between a Michael and a Mary, or there was a mistake transcribing the year on the marriage certificate. 

When John emigrated to the United States, his name was changed to Kane. He ended up in Chicago, Illinois, where he married Mary Agnes Kelly on May 11, 1902  

They gave birth to five children:

  • Joseph Patrick (1903);

  • John (1907);

  • Marie J (1914);

  • Josephine H (1916)

  • William James (1917)

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jun 1863 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 12th May 1939 VIEW SOURCE




    in my family line the Keane name keeps coming up in my DNA, it is related to my hogan / Horgan side which is linked to my Connel side, no, confusing isnt it, my grandfather was Daniel Riordan who is lined closely to the Horgan side here in australia through the king family, if you have any more info on these please notify me. i believe the rest are in the USA and NZ






    Saturday 20th April 2019, 11:18PM
  • I have Keane too - Michael Keane son of Miles and Margaret McNamara from Co Clare. And there any knowledge of his history ends!  After that too is mostly speculation as I cannot find any record of him in Australia until 1874 when he marries my great grandmother. Marriage certificate suggests he was about 40 when that event took place, but precious little after that.

    Any help appreciated.

    Pam Fleming


    Sunday 21st April 2019, 01:58AM
  • Pam. Have you done DNA? if so look at my site and see if you can find you,i also have Mc Namaras from clare and O'Neill from Donegal . I trace almost all of mine to the goulburn/Yass district of NSW, this is where i live now surprisingly, there are plenty around me that i have a link with but am too shy to speak to. Maybe this will help you a little, also Dalton NSW in the yass valley has them. if you have ancestry have a look at my site and see what you can connect, Leanne wells, or




    Sunday 21st April 2019, 02:27AM
  • Hi Leannne,

    Yes i have done a DNA and don't recall seeing your name on my matches or that of my brother's. Still that doesn't mean it isn't worth further investigation. Thanks for the heads up. I

    ll have a look. 
    Happy Easter.



    Sunday 21st April 2019, 02:45AM
  • Hi Kane/ Kelly researchers, I have James Kane married Anna M Kelly b- 1879 Pennslyvania , died 11966 Tioga co PA, married 1920 (NYC) James J Kane ,s/o john & Bridget( both b- Ire) Walsh/ or Mruphy ?.. Some how Anna Kelly Kane is linked to John Croft & wife Ethel Taft, Mrs John Croft was informant of Anna ( Kelly) Kane death record.. Anna Kelly b- Tioga co PA, d/o Patrick Kelly b- 1856 Ire, d- Tioga co PA & Catherine Mason b-  1856 ,Pennsylvania, d- Tioga co, PA. Catherine Mason d/o Charles Ed Ralph Mason b- 1835 Ire, * Ellen Griffin b- 1835 Ire.

    I am stuck on Ellen Griffin & Charles Mason b- 1835 Ire. Charles Mason arrived 1853 ship " Lady Russell" age 17/18 with sister Betsy Mason. He married a Ellen Torpy b- Ire. they had daughter Mary Mason b- 1858/59 Pennsylvania. Charles Mason married Ellen Griffin they are on 1870 census Bradford co PA, Ellen Griffin Mason is on Tioga co PA census 1880 listed as wd. I have a tree on Ancestry & FTDNA. Thank You, Dotty


    Sunday 21st April 2019, 01:11PM
  • Hi Pam Fleming,

    There were a lot of Keanes around Kilnamona in Co. Clare.  I have a Myles Keane from Ballyashea, Kilnamona who married Mary McInerney apparently from Cork.  This was sourced from a very good website "Keane of Kilnamona."

    I have two Keane boys who ended up in Australia, who I suspect were nephews of my GGG Grandmother Margaret Keane.  Patrick Keane (1831-1919 never married) is buried in Deniliquin, NSW and his younger brother Dennis (1833-1912) is buried in Coopernook near Taree, NSW.  They were the 7th & 8th sons of Frank Keane and Ann Shannon from Kilnamona.  Both parents died before 1847.  There is more about Patrick and the church in Kilnamona on the Keane of Kilnamona website.

    I have no links to your Miles and Margaret McNamara, though I have McNamaras from Kilshanny in Clare, and unfortunately the McNamara name is extremely common and difficult to trace.

    Good luck with your research.


    Terry Slattery



    Monday 22nd April 2019, 01:56AM
  • Hi Terry,

    Thanks for that. I did look previously at the Kilnamona connection and couldn't make a link. I will go back to it and see if I missed something.

    There are many Keanes in the western district in Victoria too and most of them are not related. Those that are have no knowledge of their ancestor Michael, son of Miles and Margaret. I think he might have been a persona non grata by the time he died.

    Thanks, though, I'll keep searching.





    Monday 22nd April 2019, 09:25PM
  • Hi, my link to the Keanes is pre-1800 when one of the girls married a Cluxton somewhere. Her daughter subsequently married John Spotswood.

    The Keanes/Kane’s were in Cork from quite early.

    There are records of a couple of early colonials in America but might be too early for you? 

    Kean (or Kane), Thomas

    In his letter to Robert Simms of 18 October 1802, John Caldwell jun., writing from New York, included Thomas Kean in his list of ‘Belfast People here’.84 He is said to have been the brother of William Kean (q.v.), but was possibly confused with him.

    Kean (or Kane), William

    A former employee of the Northern Star, Kane was reported to be Henry Munro’s aide at the Battle of Ballynahinch. He was captured and imprisoned, but escaped and made his way to America. He settled in Philadelphia where he was visited by Samuel Neilson (q.v.) in 1803 who was seeking advice about setting up an evening newspaper.

    Thomas McKean, a prominent member of the Friendly Sons, served as first president of the Hibernian Society. He resigned when elected governor of Pennsylvania, a major Democratic-Republican victory. Opponents had accused the son of Ulster immigrant parents of seeking ‘to import “Twenty Thousand United Irishmen” into the country as men who understood “true liberty and the Rights of Man”.’ Foes also accused McKean of having opposed war with France but willing to fight Britain.1 The first president, with roots in colonial-era migration, thus identified with the outlook of post-revolutionary migration.2

    1 Harry Marlin Tinkcom, The Republicans and Federalists in Pennsylvania, 1790–1801 (Harrisburg, 1950), p. 231. Thomas McKean had once been a respectable Federalist, but his sympathies for the French Revolution and antipathy towards the treaty reached with Great Britain led this son of Irish immigrants inexorably into the Republican camp – a shift which in 1799 gained him nomination as the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania (ibid., p. 225



    Tuesday 23rd April 2019, 12:01AM
  • Would any of these be relevant?



    Tuesday 23rd April 2019, 12:10AM
  • I am descended from Denis Keane born about 1836 at Cullane South, near Ballylanders and close to Mitchelstown. He came to Victoria, Australia in our gold rush era. Our Keane family always pronounced Keane as Cain or Caine rather than Keen which seems to be the pronunciation elsewhere. Interesting then that Johh Keane changed his surname to Kane!

    I have done some research on the Keane family. All in that area, around Ballylanders and the Mithchelstown area may have been related.



    Tuesday 23rd April 2019, 11:45PM
  • MickL. That’s exciting to me.  Did you see any of the siblings I listed above?


    Wednesday 24th April 2019, 05:13AM
  • The O'Kanes have been around since the 1400s according to the Ulster Journal of Archeology (1908) An article called the Tribes of Ireland state that

    "The O'Cahans (O'Kanes) of Oireacht-Ui-Chathain, situate between the Foyle and the Bann in Derry."

    The whole pedigree is mapped back to 1432!! If I am reading it correctly the O'Cahans were part of that tribe. It goes on

    "...4 Mac Canna ((Mac Cann), a family of the race of Rochadh, son of Colla Da Chrioch, chief of Clann-Breasail (Clanbrazil) which is shown on an old map of Ulster of the same age with this poem, as on the south side of Lough Neagh, where the upper Bann enters that lake. It was coextensive with the barony of Oneilland-East. The late Major Mac Cann of the County of Louth , was the head of this family. There are many men of the name in various parts of Leinster and Ulster, but their pedigrees have not been preserved." I'm not sure of the author as his name appears to be written in Irish.

    Probably no news to you in this thread. John Grenham has some info here








    Thursday 25th April 2019, 03:45AM
  • PatKane,

    No, have not seen any of the siblings.

    Do you know where Michael Keane resided?



    Thursday 25th April 2019, 11:30PM

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