John Henry Wardell 1878

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Professor Wardell was the son of John Charles Wardell, a captain in the Royal Marines who was killed at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir in 1882, and of his wife Frederica, co-heiress of William O'Sullivan Morgan of Old Abbey, Shanagolden, Co. Limerick.

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Date of Birth 10th Apr 1878  
Date of Death 3rd Aug 1957  
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  • The good professor is my third cousin, twice removed.

    I have done a deal of work on his family history.

    I would welcome communication with anyone with a similar interest.

    George Morgan


    Thursday 21st February 2019, 04:51PM
  • My father was a distant cousin and we visited many times. He gave me my dog and I have a pair of silver candlesticks he gave me. My father who was also a historian was left some items and some of his papers

    Margaret Wardell

    Saturday 25th April 2020, 08:10PM
  • Did you know he was a page for Queen Victorians 

    Saturday 25th April 2020, 08:12PM
  • Hello Margaret, great to hear from you.
    I am George Morgan and live in Co Wicklow in Ireland.
    Prof Wardell's wife was a Morgan and he communicated with my Grandfather back in the 1940's.
    They exchanged genealogy data about the Morgan heritage. I have his notes.
    I would be interested to find out about the papers that he left to your family.
    Do you know the precise relationship between your father and John W?
    I have been to visit Old Abbey on several occasions in the last few years.
    Can we communicate further via email  -  I am

    Take care


    Saturday 25th April 2020, 08:48PM

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