John (Jack) Connolly

John (Jack) Connolly

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The photo is a wedding day picture of John (Jack) Connolly and his new wife Annie Goodrick. They were married in Tinsley, Yorkshire on the 25th October 1920 and seemed to be temporarirly living at the home of Mary and Alfred Williamson (a fitter) in Tinsley. This is probably because Annie was pregnant with her first child (Grace).

We know very little about John except that he was a cattle dealer from Dublin. His father named on the marriage certificate is Peter Connolly (a fitter). John and Annie moved to Osbaldwick near York and had 4 children, but John died from cancer and complications around about the time of the birth of their last child. 

We understand that John had lived in the Stoneybatter area or Cabra in Dublin. The rest of my information is only family stories and might not be correct - but this is it:-

John's mother became a midwife because she had lost so many children due to poor child birthing conditions and wanted to make a difference. She was one of the first registered midwives in Dublin. We think she may have been called Annie, though it could just have been Nannie or Grannie. (I have a suspicion she was called Anne Murphy).

We know nothing of Peter Connolly.

John (possibly knicknamed Jack) took cattle from Dublin (we think to Liverpool) by boat and then onward by train to York. Here they were grazed in fields at Murton ready for market. Those that didn't sell, would then be taken by train to other destinations - we believe to Newcastle but not certain.

We know that there was a connection to a Rose or Roseanna (Sheridan) Wade and Margaret McAffee. John and Annie's eldest daughter Grace Connolly (who married a Hutchinson from York) had a photograph stood in the middle of the two young ladies and always called them her Irish cousins, though we don't think they were true cousins. Rose and Margaret both lived in Dublin. We also have a link with John Allen who may have lived with Rose and her mother at some point (most likely an uncle). We also have a family photograph of the Sheridans with a memory that the mother of the large family was called Kitty (maybe an Allen). We believe her husband was called Joseph and their children were Roseanna, John, Margaret, Patrick and Kathleen. They may be the connection to Rose Wade and Margaret McAffee but we can't be certain and even if they are one and the same, it doesn't link us back to John Connolly.

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Date of Death 1930  

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